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At What Cost?

“Emperor Zing, self styled future ruler of this city, is dead, slain (our sources can confirm), by a group lead by weapon's manufacturer Thaddeus Winterdell and noted problem solvers Mr McCain and Mr VanSett. It has since been confirmed that Mr Winterdell's “weapon tests” were a cover to act on information received and make a pre-emptive strike on the Emperor. Unfortunately, Emperor Zing appears to have been ready for the defenders of the city, and a titanic battle ensued, during which tens of buildings were levelled, and thousands who had not managed to clear the area perished. In the end, the Winterdell elites and his heavily armed allies won the day. We celebrate the loss of a future threat to the city, but mourn the loss of thousands in the process. We hope that future problems can be solved with less collateral damage”

Editorial from the Crescent Gazette

Thrown Down

From the desk of Niobe Riette


Recent events have finally shown that the honest, hard working populace that make this city great is no longer willing to tolerate the depravity that Samovar Thett has, day in and day out, unleashed upon us. While we do not condone the interruption of artistic endeavours, the response of civic-minded individuals to his attempts to reach new heights of cruelty speak for themselves. Samovar's attempted murders and flight in response to the disruption of his festival also speak volumes, and it is our belief that for the good of the city, he must be hunted down and put to justice for his many, many crimes. Therefore, I hereby promise a substantial reward to anyone who successfully captures Thett, and a significant one to any who bring information leading to his capture.

Thett should be considered armed and dangerous at all times, and the common people of the city are advised not to approach him.


An article from the Font of Illumination

“While we found Samovar's latest spectacle somewhat gruesome, we find violent disruption, publicly endorsed by no less a personage than Niobe Riette, to set an extremely dangerous precedent. Peaceful protest and critical panning have been deployed many a time in response to less salubrious works - we are forced to wonder who could have been the impetus behind this latest escalation.”

Feeding the Hungry

Press Release from the Canopy Museum

“The Canopy Museum would like to thank members of the Circle for their efforts in both recovering the idol recently stolen from us, and in putting its powers to use for the good of the city. Few can have failed to notice the verdant fields that have appeared north of the city through the work of the Circle and the church of the Purpose (assisted by Baron Otto of the glorious equation). We at the museum are ecstatic that such a practical use for an item of historical interest has been found, and are certain that the hungry of the city shall see great benefits from this work.”

Black Rose strikes again

Can you believe it? it was just a normal day at the market when suddenly a large balloon is seen lifting Suen Tengfei’s boat, the Jade Tiger, above the water. The balloon has a large black rose on it and is accompanied by a masked female figure as it flies away. Guards are quickly dispatched to stop this and bring back the boat and manage it easily enough. When the boat was returned Suen examined it for contents and found a large amount of stuff was missing, replaced by a black rose. I wonder who could have done it?

article from the floating times, a floating market tabloid

God is Dead

…and so with the recent upheaval in the city we can see that the pattern of destruction of the masses continues unabated at the hands of so called 'gods'. The proposal to strip those who wield divine power of the title of 'god' is but the first step we must undertake in order to free ourselves of their yoke. Throughout history there are countless examples of the hubris of gods leading to the downfall of their followers. Religion is an evil we must be rid of! Logic is our only rational route to freedom from the ills bestowed upon us by our so called 'saviours'…

From an article published in Factor by Sir Henry Fitzwilliam-Smythe III, Esq

The reaction to this article has been fairly extreme - following its publication the violence directed towards the student protests in the divine quarter has increased dramatically.

Peace in our Time

“It is with much relief that we note the cessation of the increasingly pointless and bloody war between the Union and the Pantheon. Helped in now small part by notable voices speaking against it, and the mass migration of many of the gods involved to their new home in the sky, an uneasy peace finally reigns. We are certain that both sides will now take a good, long look at what it has cost them, and we sincerely hope that no conflict on this scale arises again in the future.

Whether in celebration or mere coincidence, we applaud Jasmira for organising such a magnificent party in areas previously affected by the war, helping to reaffirm ties between man and god, and showing both sides that thy share as many similarities as they do differences”

An excerpt from the Green Street Times

Gods are...Dead?

“No resident can have failed to notice the extreme acts of violence that took place in the contrite district over the last few weeks, but perhaps few (including, we would hope, their instigators) have considered the serious negative side effects such explosive depopulation can have on the divine community. Our sources indicate that several unfortunate divinities aligned to the Contrite had the misfortune to lose their entire churches during the debacle, and have not been seen since. Listings and profiles of those feared lost can be found on page 7. Between this, the recently finished war (and may we take this opportunity to remind readers that the TO has always been pro-peace), and the spate of disappearances among the dispossessed, the population decline is making it a difficult time to be a deity.”

An Editorial from the Theological Observer

Piracy on the Increase

“We were just enjoying a most fabulous barge party when a large ship pulled alongside us and demanded that we hand over our valuables. They then proceeded to board us and take them from us at sword point, they took my mother ruby necklace – and I hadn’t even let her know I was borrowing it!”

Story told by Carolina, a party going member of the Renaissant

“We have not noticed an increase in piracy; in fact none of our ships have been attacked at all. I am not sure what you are referring to. Piracy as far as I know has not increased; in fact it might have decreased.”

Spokesperson from the floating market

Illusio Strikes Again!

“Let it be known that Suen Tengfei will make the individual who brings him the head of the thief known as Illusio rich beyond their wildest dreams. Illusio's recent outrage against the covered market marks them as a threat to all who strive to build their success in this city, and they must be stopped. Evidence recovered from the vaults suggests that Illusio is a powerful mage, and the quantity of our magical artefacts stolen suggest that they will have access to dangerous quantities of power at their fingertips. No homeowner, businessman or collector can consider themselves safe while this menace roams out streets, and they must be brought to justice.”

Justice for the Individual

“Raednagh, noted agent of vengeance, has rather graphically announced a renovation in the purview he chooses to call his own. In a public demonstration held within some of the undamaged parts of the contrite district, he executed several individuals responsible for perpetuating the recent war. This, he stated, was justified by the fact that war denies justice to those caught up in it through no fault of their own, and thus encouraging and fermenting it was a great crime.

We applaud this change of purview, and hope that Raednagh took the time to look around the corpse filled ruins of some parts of our district as he travelled through them - a result of the latest acts of war to sweep our city”

From “Eternity”, a magazine published by a Contrite aligned church group

Equality Now

“The Pantheon once again shows their true colours with the creation of that gilded eyesore in the sky. Trust the gods to try and solve a war by aloofly setting themselves above the common people of this city. They never really cared about the war anything, they just don't want to accept that those without divinity might be of equal worth to themselves. The people of this city should stand for this no longer, and it heartens me to see so many of you turned out for this protest!”

Students have been staging anti-god sit-ins both in the Pantheon district and the new home of the gods. Those cleared from the Home have mostly been removed peacefully, whereas some in the district have suffered violent expulsions from temples.


  • All hail the Subterranean Drirrigatopus.
  • The Sun itself is no match for the Nightwalker.
  • My first guest for years, a shame they were there to steal. I long to have more.
  • Did you see the fight around the flying tea house? What was with the monkeys?
  • “The dead are not your enemies!”
  • “Start the revolution. Stop the presses!”
  • The child stealer strikes again!
  • Did you hear? Somebody went across the lake! No, really, they even came back!
  • SLUM TEA: Because acid is for lakes.
  • Ne'er has there been irony so beautiful orchestrated by mine hand.


  • Thought Crime: the only crime that matters.
  • Graffiti: the other crime that matters
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