Each week you may submit three actions saying what you want your character to do in the two weeks that pass between sessions. There are three different types of action you can take - one of each of the following:

  • Main action: This is a free action with which you can do whatever you want with whoever you want. This action lets you go out and do something yourself, get stuck into a problem or deal with a problem with the personal touch and allows you to enlist the help of other PC's. This action allows you to research a new device, go hunting with other PC's for a unique item, personally address and motivate your followers or break into someone's house to steal their stuff.
  • Minion action: Dispatch your servants/underlings/staff/brothers-in-arms to go do something. This action allows you to martial your resources to get things done while you're busy doing other things. This lets you deal with problems that don't quite need your calibre of person to sort out or are best suited for things that require many pairs of eyes and ears around the city. This allows you to monitor the more obvious movements of a group or person, send out people to try and preach your message to others, help with taking in a delivery of something or guarding the transport of something else across the city. Your minion action can be in conjunction with other PC's.
  • OR: If you are a lone wolf then instead of using minions you can do something of the same level but you have to do it yourself without other PC help. This would allow you to scope out a place you wanted to break into later, trail someone who you wanted to follow, talk to a small group of people or transport something small relatively securely across the city. If you are not a lone wolf you can perform a lone wolf action instead of a minion action if you so choose.
  • Niche action: Everyone has a niche, their role in the city and the job they do day to day. This is yours. Whatever it is you do for a living, this is when you do it. If you are a playwright then you could write plays to publicise whatever message you wanted that week, if you were a merchant you could use this action to buy up a particular stock, if you were an inventor you could spend this time making items to sell to others to gain their favour.
  • Minor action: Your character may get invited to parties, casual drinks, clandestine meetings and so on, or perhaps want to pass on an item in their possession to someone else. To register that your character is doing this but not putting in any major effort into acheiving anything, just use a Minor Action. There's no limit to these, but we'd prefer it if you kept them to 1 or 2 sentences.

Each action should be submitted by Friday 6am on the relevant turnsheet page on your wiki profile. How much you write is entirely up to you but the GM team recommend you write sufficient to outline your plans - maybe a paragraph per action. If you wish to write more that's fine but remember to keep it clear what you want to achieve with each action.

You will get the results of your turnsheet before the session. They will be written up on your relevant turnsheet page.

Sample Turnsheet for Delores LeFarge (Goddess of Skilk)

Main Action

  • Aim: Help out the poor in the underground.
  • Use: With Love, For Others, Coordination and Rhetoric. Current power 'Normal'.
  • There are a large number of people who have nothing in this City. They're shunned and despised. This will not do and I want to try and begin raising them out of the sewers. (Literally in this case). I'm currently a 'Normal' power level but that's sufficient to create a new building. I've got quite a lot of clout in the Renaissant so I'll try and persuade someone to give me some land on the border with the Contrite (which seems to be full of disadvantaged people) in which I can raise up a building. Then I'll go and visit the people in the Underground - particularly those living beneath the Renaissant - and try and persuade a few of them to come and live in the new building I've made. They may well be unwilling (they have trust issues!) but hopefully a few will come up and that's a first step to breaking down the divisions between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in the city.

Minion Action

  • Aim: Find out what Lumeor of the Pantheon of Discord is up to.
  • Use: Competent Minions. Observation
  • I have arranged to provide some of my minions to help Lumeor redecorate his throne room. While they're there I want them to keep their eyes and ears open to see if they can find out anything about what he's up to. I don't trust him and I really want to know what he's up to and who he's plotting against. If he doesn't let anything slip, then perhaps his minions will so hopefully my minions will be able to get something out of his minions.

Niche Action

  • Aim: Start a new trend to drum up custom
  • Use: Impulsively, Rhetoric and Coordination.
  • Its no good. My rival is becoming more popular than me and everyone is talking about her and not about me. This won't do at all… if I'm not careful my dedicated followers of fashion will begin to desert me. I want to start a trend throughout the city to create demand for my work. I think perhaps trying to persuade the movers and shakers in the Renaissant that Masquerade balls are the 'in thing' and handily enough I just happen to be producing the most exquisite gowns and masks at the moment. This may also be handy for my friend, Jacob de Lane, who is hoping to sneak into one of the parties and a mask will be just the thing to help hide his identity.

Minor Actions

  • Give Lucrezia St. Gemain the dress she ordered.
  • After work, go round to Caspian's wine bar for drinks with Barne and V'lacta.
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