In End of The Line, your character's abilities are defined by three particular things; their skills, their motivations and their traits. Those with preternatural talent can succeed at everything they put their hand to, but even novices may win out when what they most desire is on the line. You will have three motivations, one key skill, and two other skills that you have focused in. Unless your traits say otherwise, you can expect to be competent at any of these skills at base, but you will have a great deal more puissance in the skills you choose. Finally, your traits give your character unique abilities, frailties and complications that will help them stand out from the others.

Key Points

  • Choose three Motivations. When you act in line with any of them, your actions are more effective.
  • Choose one Key Skill. When you act using your key skill, you are incredibly competent, certain to succeed unless there is significant opposition.
  • Choose two Minor Skills. When you act using your minor skills, you are an expert in your field, among the best at that skill in the city.
  • When you act using any other skills, you are competent but not unusually proficient.
  • Choose one Advantage from the list of Traits. Optionally, you can take one Flaw in or order to gain one more Advantage (to a maximum of three extra advantages).
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