An extract from the journal of Caleb Forster's, the previous head of the guild who unfortunately lost his life in an attempt to catapult himself through the barrier.

the power generated by dropping a bomb on the artefact lifted from the museum has had no effect on the barrier surrounding this world….. The barrier seems impenetrable by brute force, yet there also appears to be no weak spots or gaps, perhaps an illusion that makes us appear as the barrier might let us sneak through…..god damn it appearing as the barrier lets a small part of you get in and then its as if your hand was enclosed in concrete three honoured members lost there hands today when we couldn't get them out this isn't going to work.

Who are they?

The Escapologists association has a very simple motto: “Get me out of here!” They want to escape this world and get back to their families/lovers/massive book deal/ridiculously large inheritance. They are all working towards this common aim, even if some of the members have Houdini like tendencies. It was important for them to escape from that dungeon with priceless treasures, honest – it was needed for the research!


Notably most of the guild is very scientific about there methods in attempting to escape, though through experiment they have come to the conclusion that technology alone will almost certainly not let them escape so are willing to let others in on the condition that they will work scientifically toward the common goal, after all they want repeatable results so everyone can get out.

Known Figures

Caleb Forster - the previous head of the guild his plans are only surpassed in craziness by the current head
Micky Hustar - the current head, appointed in the last month, having taken the guild oath - @I will get us out of here or die trying!!!@
Peter Sanguini - the guy everyone knows that just can't be caught, or at least not stay caught. He is the one who will lift something for you if you can prove it is for a valid plan for escape, and if it works he is the second person to get to use it.

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