The Pantheon of Discord

Without the Gods you are nothing. You cannot draw forth your food from nothing. We can. You cannot find the metals you need for your devices. We can create them. You cannot fashion your buildings unless you use the stone we give you. Your wood, your glass, your spices, your silks, your luxuries, your gold… All of it is created by us and without us all would be as dust.
- Tarveth, God of the Glowing Embers


At first each God that came to the city stood alone and proud. Over time new arrivals found themselves grasping at tiny niches as the fifth self titled “God of Lightning” arrived.

The Pantheon of Discord was formed during the Week of Thunder, a time that has thankfully mostly passed out of memory, though some buildings still bear the scars. That week the city was shaken as the Gods fought between themselves, but the ripples of faith and prayer that spread for months afterwards showed those paying attention a new path.

Where three gods had fought, the followings of all swelled with newly cowed followers. Herosus, god of the forge and chain brought those who would listen together, showed them how strong each god could become from the awe inspired by another, and the Pantheon took it's first steps.

The Pantheon came into its own when Susaphet, Whose Name Shall Only Be Uttered In Darkness, demanded sacrifice of his followers. The so-called heroes of the City rose against him and tried to overthrow him, but they found themselves facing a loose conglomeration of angry Gods capable of pulling down lightning from the sky, and things far worse. From that day on, people have feared to oppose the might of the Pantheon.


Only a few Gods stand seperate from the convenience of the Pantheon, those who were there first and held their own as Herosus brought others to him, those who simply want to get by, and those new enough and foolish enough to expect the City to fear where a God treads.

While the Pantheon of Discord is more a verbal agreement than a true pantheon, and no God would admit to being allied with the others for strength, they do act towards similar goals and roughly with other's interested in mind.

While Gods may fight - and they do because not every god agrees with or within the Pantheon - its unthinkable to the Pantheon that a lesser creature should stand against a God, let alone that a God would be subserviant to such.

Why play a member of the Pantheon

  • You want to play a character involved in politics and power play.
  • You want to play a character who wants to shape the world and its people.
  • You want to play a character who lives for the moment and enjoys the benefits that come with being a god.

How Powerful are You

The Pantheon of Discord is made up of a number of smaller groups made up of easy and uneasy alliances, usually grouped about a theme. You can play the leader of one of these groups or a more independent but well respected God amongst the Pantheon with the ear of the more notable members willing to do a favour or two for you if you ask.

Notable Figures

Herosus, of Forge and Chain

While Herosus has withdrawn from the City in general those who know where to look will find him, relaxed on his throne in one of his temples as around him chained priests work metal into intracate woven chains and patterns.

Many Gods will visit him or send trusted priests to hear what he has to say on matters before acting, especially when the future of the Pantheon will be affected by their actions.

Lumeor of the Rising Sun

The current posterboy for the pantheon, Lumeor found himself rising to favour on the back of another great hero, Lotheris the Golden. Being the patron of this man gained Lumeor a recently formed cult of Heroes and do-gooders, and this has lasted, even after Lotheris' fall in battle. Lumeor as often takes the form of a Lion while in battle as he does of a young man in gleaming armour. Lumeor has recently started to argue against allowing darker aspect gods into the Pantheon at all.
Lumeor claims that he was the sole god of the sun in his home world, and even in this dark realm he has brought some of its brightness with him. He constantly radiates a golden light, and his followers are inclined to strike only at the point in the day he has decided dawn would occur.

Ereon and Gaen, twin gods of Growth and Harvest

Ereon and his sister Gaen have always argued for the middle ground, for stability and the unchanging nature of the city and the Pantheon. What one grown the other reaps, the circle is complete.

Jaheris, She Who Was Born As The Moon Hid

Jaheris, daughter of Susaphet, ice queen of darkness and nemesis of Lumeor. After the fall of her father Jaheris siezed his dark cult and turned them to her own needs and desires. Jaheris has always argued that the Pantheon should not bow to anyone, that lesser being are just slaves and sacrifices and should be treated as such, and that any who bend the knee should be destroyed. The only reason she has not managed to gain more power recently is her follower's willingness to kill themselves in her name has kept numbers down in her cult.

The Divine Quarter

The smallest quarter of the city, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in grandeur. Every building is immaculate and impressive, every God having their own perfect palace. Every tower gleams and every street is wide and clear. The Gods pride themselves on their superiority and, as the only people capable of creating new material they are able to create the most sumptuous of residences.

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