Luxury Points

“The invitations told me the soiree was to start at 9 in the evening, and that I should bring a guest. What they did not tell me was the extravagance Lady Ghiselain had gone to in preparing for this event. The central plaza of the city had been covered over with ice, and sleds and skates provided. Servants glided around carrying platters of fine canapes and exotic liqueurs, while great beasts inexpertly capered on the ice. A string quartet, suspended from the Canopy above on harnesses of spider silk, filled the air with the finest music. A stab of pity filled my heart; hadn't anyone told her that ice was out and gilt was in? Poor girl.” - Archmage Hustar of the Renaissant

Within the city, everyone has enough wealth or resourcefulness to outfit themselves in whatever finery they wish, and barring exceptional circumstances they will never go hungry. Even so, extravagance above and beyond the norm is sometimes required. Occasionally your character will have amassed enough wealth or favours to do something truly special, and this is measured in Luxury Points.

Luxury Points are one-use, consumable tokens you can cash in as part of an action in turnsheeting to make arrangements for something spectacular. With a Luxury Point you can pay a group of NPCs with no prior loyalty to you to do a significant service, for example:

  • Organise an extravagant party.
  • Putting on a parade in your favour.
  • Hire assassins to try and kill a foe.
  • Buy off an NPC group who somewhat dislike you.
  • Purchase an unearthed treasure found by an NPC.

It is highly unlikely that you will need to spend more than one Luxury Point on a single purchase, although if you wanted to trump another character's efforts spending more points is almost certain to do it. You can also pay other players with points if you wish.

You may gain Luxury Points by:

  • Performing a great favour for someone with high status.
  • Raiding ancient temples for rare items.
  • Taking and holding a large area of the City.
  • Lucrative business deals.
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