The Canopy

In the centre of the City the buildings become taller and larger. In a place where land is forever sought after, it only made sense to look upwards. And thus the Canopy came into being, a level far above the City centre where the buildings are connected by bridges and aquaducts. Being seen as one the more grand districts, the Canopy is renowned for its luxurious and regal archetecture, and for being a place fit for persons deeming themselves both metaphorically and literally above the petty squabbles of the City below. Or at least people trying to give off that impression. Certainly there are rumours that many of the more…important indivduals of the City reside here, however where exactly is anyone's guess.

One of the more notable places of the Canopy is the City's only museum, which displays items of great value, taken from all over the multiverse. The exibits include priceless works of art, huge hoards of treasure, and all manner of other rarities from across the worlds. The City hospital is also located in the Canopy. Here great machines and powerful magics are used to heal all but the gravest of injuries, and afterwards the patients can relax in the splendor of the Canopy. Treatment is of course, free, however only those deemed worth saving will find themselves brought up here, and some may obviously prefer to find other ways to heal themselves. It is here also that water is pumped upwards, through the hospital to fill the aquaducts and canals of the Canopy.

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