Former Adventurers

The city is host to many people with various different motives for being there, ranging all the way from those who seek power and respect, to those who were simply unfortunate enough to blunder their way from their world into this one. And then there are the adventurers. Explorers looking to map the unknown. Heroes in pursuit of their foes. Glory seekers struggling to find their next great deed. They come with straightforward motives. Some would even call them heroes. However the title “hero” commands little respect in a world overrun with the powerful and the ruthless. Old fasioned views of morality, of good and evil will not get you far here. Thus many of these adventurers abandon their old ways and find a new role and a new way to live. However some are foolish enough to attempt to cling to their beliefs of how the world should work. It is these Former Adventurers that have formed one of the more disliked groups of the City. They meet in hidden places, biding their time and waiting for their chance to strike at those they deem “evil”. Of course, most would seem to be little threat to any self-respecting moderately-powerful individual. However they are annoyingly good at “punching above their weight”, so to speak. Every so often, a powerful individual in the city will be thwarted, perhaps even weakened due to this ramshackle group of outlaws. There are even rumours of a new movement within the group, that they are planning something far greater than their usual disturbances…


“I know what it is I must do now. This world should not exist. It overflows with the corrupt, the selfish, those who in a just reality would suffer for their crimes. And it has even corrupted us. I will admit that I too should not exist, I have done, and will do things that are unforgivable and I will punish myself for them. But believe me when I say that you are also guilty, and that you too will suffer with me. We will all burn together…”

-Graffiti found near the City centre

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