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At the End of the Line, there's no-one who's truly normal. All are unique and deviate from the norm in some way; perhaps they are preternaturally blessed, or defined by their sicknesses and weaknesses. All characters get one free Advantage, and may get up to an additional three through choosing up to three Flaws.

Quirks are free, as they are mostly present to allow for different game styles.


Your Advantages are the facets of your being that provide you with a unique benefit in the City. They are the strengths that set you character apart from the others.

Death Curse

Upon your death a curse will rise and strike down the person who dared to cause you such fatal problems. It won’t kill them but will put them in an uncomfortable position. If you want to find out if someone else has a Death curse it can be easily found out as part of any investigative or physical action against that character.


You have found, inherited, stolen or in some other manner gained possession of an artefact that possesses some small power. Perhaps it can make you voice carry over the city, or will glow if you are about to be attacked.


You have a pet, maybe it came with you to this dimension, perhaps you found it here or it could have found you. However you got it, your pet is loyal to you and only you. While a larger animal could act as a guard, a smaller one can be trained to carry messages or acquire small items.


Every so often it seems that someone or something whispers in your ear. You are not sure what it is but following what it tells you always seem to lead to exciting things and very often trouble as well.

Secret Base

You have a hideout so secret that nobody but you knows about it, not even your most trusted minion. While you won't pick up much information about the goings-on in the city while hiding, absolutely nobody will be able to find you or anything you hide in it without a massive amount of effort.


Either you came with a mentor, or someone in the city took a liking to you. Either way you have a good friend who will help you out in a sticky situation, help you find out some information or go exploring with you. If they happen to end up in a bad position themselves, though, they may ask the same service from you.


The people with power in the city are fond of you. Perhaps you brought a lost child of theirs home safe, or maybe when you entered the dimension you did so right on top of the guy that was about to kill them. However you did it the bosses like you and may turn a blind eye to some of your more exuberant exploits.

Marked By Chains

Sometime in the last two decades and since moving to the City, you've started noticing minute outlines of chains crawling across your body. They don't appear to have any physical substance, or cause any physical discomfort, but no-one you've talked to has been able to identify the source of them. Among other things, this trait will confer a slight resistance to magic and the divine.

Competent Minions

Incompatible with Surrounded by Imbeciles or Lone Wolf.

Your wish is their command; sometimes, you don't even need to wish. Your underlings and staff are highly competent in an area of your choice, making Minion Actions a lot more effective when they're helping you in that area.

Note: You don't need to take this if your minions are other PCs. Guaranteed competency is beyond the GM team's abilities in that situation!

High Status

You're high-up in one of the city's factions. Whether you've climbed up the hierarchy to a position of power, or the the intelligentsia hang on your every word, when you try to get that faction to do something for you your actions will hold a lot more sway than normal. You can take this Advantage more than once, for different factions.

Emergency Temporal Shift

Whatever power you used to get here, you still have it. It will, in an emergency, instantly move you to a different bit of the pocket dimension as you essentially bounce off of the walls containing you. It's very painful, and only works in emergencies, but makes you very difficult to kill. This will only work once.

Improbable weapon

You have a strange weapon, perhaps it has flames running along the blade or causes anything it touches to start freezing. Or maybe you have a knife that will always return to its holster or perhaps a staff with hidden blades which always seem to come out as they are most needed. Whatever it is, you won’t find it in the common weapon shops or even in ancient treasure chests.

Unusual purview

You have something that’s different to everyone else; perhaps it’s a particular dancing style, or method of greeting people. But whatever it is it lets you stand out and makes a good conversation starter.


You have been here for a while, which means you know the tricks you need to know to prosper around here. You know where to acquire certain items and who you can and cannot afford to annoy.

Dedicated follower of fashion

You always know what’s hot and what’s not. You would never be seen dead in last week’s height of fashion as after all that is now so over. It also means that no-body could ever look down on what your wearing, hey sometimes you even set the trends. And everyone knows that the higher ups are always impressed by someone who knows what to wear and wear it to, after all its only street rats who would wear a designer suit to a masquerade right?


You have a vast amount of resources to call upon, perhaps you have been here for a while and have been hoarding, or maybe when you entered the world you landed in somebody’s warehouse and have taken over it. Either way you have the ability to get hold of most worldly goods with very little effort. You start with three Luxury Points.


You have been to many places around the multiverse before you arrived in this place. This means that there is very little that you have not at least heard of; you know all about the mysterious beasts in other places, can read the glowing neon lights of bright lands and blend in around open fields and mud huts. There are very few areas in the world where you would not feel at home.

Spurious discourse

You are very good at talking. You also sound as if you know what on earth you’re talking about. Very useful for fast talking your way out of a tricky situation, or if you’re trying to distract a crowd.

Mass Media

Whether you have a printing press, an army of messengers or the ability to spontaneously create dozens of flyers, you have resources at your disposal to get your message across. Twice per turn, you can send the gms a message that will then be sent out to the rest of the player base. Be aware that everyone in the city will see it, not just the players!


Quirks are out of character game style tweaks, and as such are free.

Lone Wolf

You work alone. It's possibly not the best decision in a City of backstabbing and politicking, but you have decided that you do your best work without help from any simpering underlings. Instead of your Minion Action, you go out into the city on your own to acheive your goals. This action will be smaller in scope than your main action, but there's the benefit that you'll have no-one else slowing you down. Like Minion Actions, you won't be able to work with other PCs on this.

This quirk means you cannot take any of the minion traits.

Intercepted Mail

The messages never seem to get through to you, and it's a marvel you even manage to make it to the regular meetings. Maybe there's people out there stealing everything sent to you, or perhaps your very name sends the weak-willed message runners insane.

Taking this quirk will mean you do not have the ability to send or receive in-character emails. You can opt in or out of this later on if you wish.


Flaws are the parts of you that create difficulties and problems. Each one is a challenge in its own way, and although they they all be mollified or even removed in time and with effort, they will cause you plenty of trouble along the way.


When you came to the City, you didn't come alone. Somewhere in this City is an old foe of yours, someone you thought you had escaped. Were you chasing them, or did they follow you? Perhaps they are a rival? Or perhaps you came here independently, only finding later that your old enemy was still around? If you are one of the Inheritors then perhaps something from your ancestors path has caught up with you and still has an unhealthy interest. In any case, they'll do what they can to foil your plans and bring you down; you had best do it to them first.

Left It All Behind

Don't tell anyone, but the transition across dimensions robbed you of much of your power. You can generally put on a good show of being as strong as ever, but you power is liable to fail you at crucial moments. You will start at Weakened rather than Normal, and will find it harder to remain at levels above this than normal. Perhaps, with the right circumstances, you'll be able to get it back again.


The world you came from was rough and barbaric, thoroughly unlike the City. You've been able to survive here, but certain parts of modern society, like technology, fashion and reading, will never come easily to you.


You have a curse that you carry, a wound in your body or your soul that only extraordinary measures can alleviate. Perhaps you have a terrible craving for blood, or need to listen to birdsong every evening or you cannot sleep. Your affliction must be an active hindrance to you, and although it need not be something that would shock society if it was widely known, it must be possible for your enemies to use it against you.

...Killing Hundreds

Your actions cause unreasonable amounts of unintentional collateral damage that is going to actively be unhelpful for you. Perhaps you're unnaturally strong, or unlucky enough that all your fights happen to take place in regions with poor quality buildings. This destruction is over and above any you're intentionally causing. In any case, you're likely to garner quite a reputation for destruction and this is almost guranteed to make your life difficult.


You have an exaggerated view of your own abilities. Often this can end up helping more than hurting, as your overconfidence leads you to take risks others wouldn't think of attempting, but every so often it causes you to miss some crucial detail and ruin all your plans.

Mandatory Monologuing

What's the good in defeating your enemies if they don't understand why the battle happened in the first place? You have a compulsive need to monologue at your foes before engaging in combat, and this can often be to your detriment.

Surrounded by Imbeciles

Incompatible with Competent Minions or Lone Wolf.

You just can't get the staff. Most of the time, the bumbling of your imbecilic underlings doesn't affect the outcome of your Minion Actions too much, but occasionally they'll slip up in a really catastrophic way. This is incompatible with Lone Wolf.

Note: You don't need to take this if your minions are other PCs. Guaranteed idiocy is beyond the GM team's abilities in that situation!

Hidden Master

This is a city of intruige and shadows, so it is possibly unsurprising that you are a pawn in someone else's schemes. They have some kind of hold over you: the lives of relatives, your own soul in thrall, deadly poison that only they have the antidote for. They will ask you to perform services for them, services illicit and dark, and because of the hold they have on you it will be difficult.


Whether by accident or design, you've stepped on many toes in your time in the City. Some of those were very influential, or had friends who were, and your name is now mud. You can expect news of your actions, whenever it filters out, to have a highly negative slant.

Calling Card

When you act, something makes certain that your identity is clear to see. Perhaps you leave a card in the place of the things you steal, or you magic leaves behind the smell of roses and mint. Either way, it's simple for someone who investigates after the fact to determine who was responsible.


You have an addiction that you struggle against, a craving for something illicit that you cannot shake. You regularly feel a compulsion to go out and satisfy your cravings for the next fix, and if you must go without it's hard for you to concentrate on anything aside from the denied need. This craving need not be for anything horrifying or illicit, but it needs to be something people might reasonably find out and use against you.


You're new to the City, and haven't had a chance to settle down and find a place. This has two effects; firstly, you don't have much of an idea how things work here, and will likely make faux pas when dealing with the natives. Secondly, you won't be able to achieve much of anything with your Niche Action until you find a place for yourself in society.

Too Many Cortices

Your mind doesn't function according to the human norm. You perceive the world in a very different way to normal people, which may negatively impact your interactions with them. Certainly, appreciating art as they do may be an issue.

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