I have often been accused of senseless, occasionally even pointless violence. I find this grievously offensive. Once you understand that violence is both an art and its own reward, you can achieve heights of slaughter inconceivable to a mere murderer. - Brant the Destroyer

Great heroes and villains are not renowned solely because of their power and skill; it is what they choose to do with it that makes them great. Each character in End of the Line therefore has three main motivations. Each governs a sphere of desires and influences, and so long as you act according to any of them your efforts will be magnified. Picking motivations that conflict is of course encouraged! The motivations are as follows:


Plans and considerations simply slow you down. You're at your best in the thick of things, throwing yourself into the problem and dealing with complications as they arise. Sure, you may have stepped on a few toes or landed in hot water, but that just makes life more enjoyable.


You are the chess player, the puppet master. Every move you make, every reaction of your foes, has been foreseen and planned for. You analyse situations carefully and ensure that you have an understanding of every factor, and once you act victory is assured.


Your presence is an explosion, a cataclysm that people cannot ignore. When you're in the room, people cannot help but know what you are doing. When you rage, the whole world shies away from your fire, and when you sorrow the lowliest creature weeps. You are the centre of attention, and that's how you like it.


You are a whisper through the air, a ghost. When you have achieved your goal, people will struggle to recognize that anything is different, but their lives will have been irrevocably altered by your touch. A quiet word in the ear of opinion-makers, a quiet foot on the stairs, a quiet knife in the dark.

For Myself

You know what's most important in the world, and it's what you see in the mirror. If you're to survive in this hellhole, you'll need every advantage you can get, and if that means betrayal and atrocity then so be it. Leave it to the weak to protect each other; you have more important things to worry about.

For Others

No man is an island, and even at the end of the line there are those who find good in the hearts of others, who give their all to create a better world. With great effort, they ensure that the oppressed are unchained, the heartbroken are made whole, and their guild is put on the ascendant.

With Love

You are at your best when stirred by the heights of passion, when your rapture for someone or something drives you to action. Whether you're wooing a new paramour or putting the finishing touches to a new theory of everything, your love is what lifts you up to great feats.

With Violence

You're brutal, hardened, and willing to hurt for your goals. Maybe in the past you've tried conciliation and softness, but these days your first and last recourse is to inflict harm. Maybe you don't kill, but a quick nose-breaking or kneecapping can head off all kinds of problems down the line.

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