All player characters are assumed to have some level of skill in defending themselves (unless a quirk renders them otherwise), roughly equivalent to a standard skill pick. This does not necessarily represent fighting ability, and indeed probably doesn’t (unless the character has the Aggression skill), instead representing, for example, shielding spells, quick reactions for dodging, or the ability to escape by flying directly upwards at high speeds, flummoxing an earthbound aggressor. You should submit a brief description of how your character defends themselves for flavour purposes. Please bear in mind that this represents *personal* defence - while you will probably get away from a character with Aggression who attacks you in the street one day, the three guild guards travelling with you are likely to be less lucky.

You may only be permanently taken out of the game when your power is at its lowest ebb. It will only fall below normal through intentional action from either PCs or NPCs, and you cannot be killed in the same turn as you're reduced to Critical levels.

Player conflict

During the course of the game it is likely that conflict between players is likely to occur. Although we encourage players to pursue conflicting goals we would like to emphasise that trying to kill another PC should be the last resort for anybody. Attempting to kill another character should be very carefully considered and it is incredibly difficult to undertake. To kill another character requires reducing them to their lowest power level the turn before you attempt to kill them. You cannot kill anyone on the same turn that their power is reduced to the lowest level.

We would strongly recommend first trying to thwart other players by attacking their resources, their connections, their plans and their reputations.

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