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After The War

With The Empire pulled back for a time Engine vocally supports fighting the Empire, but over time that becomes resisting (if they come back) and there are plenty of people interested in buying Winterdell technology and weapons, at exorbitant prices, and there's no reason to let war get in the way of good business.
Despite the fearsome shape of Engine after the war it became far better known for it's good deeds - scholarships and funding of undergraduates, low tech farming implements for the Timuki, and the appropriate use of force to keep order where needed, and ensure that negotiations remain peaceful.

There Is Always More War

Over time however Winterdell and his Iron Children have pulled back from the public eye. The expansion from factory to complex to fortress has been completed efficiently, the walls manned by unmoving metallic sentries and huge guns. Very rarely are any normal humans seen around the place - usually students grateful for the scholarship positions - even the technicians and secretaries have chosen to follow Winterdell's footprints and step close to the perfection of the machine.

While they have withdrawn from public view that is not to say they do nothing. The scenes of battle where they have fought are shocking - entire battlefields levelled from the inevitable advance of the Iron Children, but it's all mercenary work, just part of the Winterdell weapons packages available.
Who knows what goes on inside the fortress when they are not fighting.


+++I miss mother+++
“I know, but it's going to be fine. I'm still here after all.” *click*
+++We can work together on this+++

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