Alisandra "Liss" Al'haravain - Roisin O'H

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Liss is fairly well known around the city as someone generally willing to help out in most tasks, and particularly skilled at hitting things if given a target. She is also a competent healer.

“How do I put this?” The murmur usually goes. “Nice girl. Definitely means well, generally fine if you give her nice clear instuctions. But… not really all that bright, if you know what I mean.”


After the war

After the war, Liss followed Firstborn to his home dimension to aid in his efforts to lead and protect his world. Before she left she made sure to set her affairs in order. It is relatively common knowledge that a large amount of money was transferred to both Lucian for his portal network and Kanon for his school, before she left with the note “I will miss you lots. Take care and be happy and I hope this is useful. I promise I will visit and you should visit too and call me if you need help with anything ever! Lots of love, Liss.” attached. This last display of affection seems not to have damaged her reputation however as the Backwatchers (the bodyguard society she established) continued to flourish in her absence. Instilled with the philosophy that everyone is someone’s child the company specialised in non-lethal take downs and the protection they offered was second to none. They soon gained a reputation across more than just the city and business was never slow.

It is known that Liss was instrumental in the capture and subsequent recapture of the Empire spies Caroline and Jefferson, handing them over to Winterdell before they were finally rescued by the Empire Mage, Van Tellerman while in Winterdell’s custody.

Although she visited the City often she never returned to live there. Her visits were usually accompanied by the delivery of a number of unusual artefacts she had picked up in her travels to her friend Lucian, in one memorable case in the form of a fish floating happily on the end of a string.

Liss spent the remainder of her life at Firstborn’s side and the pair were rarely seen apart for long. She lived by example and many saw in her what benefit following Firstborn could offer and the way his teachings could help people. As the ‘Annointed Defender’ she was at Firstborn's right hand and helped educate the many pilgrims in his teachings. Many came running, terrified, from the oppression of their own worlds. With her help they returned ready to face it. Occasionally she would return with one of the pilgrims to aid them in their fight against the injustice they faced. Many a ruler and king learned to regret the hard way, underestimating this one woman, striding down the street with her staff slung over her shoulder and a happy swagger in her stride.

An end to old things

“Liss! It’s wonderful to see you! I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Hello Lady Tamora, it’s lovely to see you again and I hope you’re doing ok. And I hope you don’t mind me dropping in to see you but I can’t really stay for that long since I’ve got to go and make sure Firstborn is ok but I wanted to see how you were since the last time I saw you was just before I ended up in the City.”

“I am well, Liss, very well. The more so for seeing that you are safe and well. I take it then that you have found new employ? With this ‘Firstborn’ that you speak of?”

“Yes. Well, you see he promised that he would never hurt me and that seemed like a good thing for a God to promise and he is doing lots of good things and helping lots of people. And he helped defeat the empire. And now I'm helping him too.”

“He sounds like a fine man to work for.”

“Yes, he is. Did you ever catch Lord Dynos? I had wondered but not for too long since I was in the city at the time and didn’t think I’d get out so it didn’t seem like a good idea to worry for too long, but now I'm out so I should probably keep an eye out for him if he's still around.”

“Yes. Yes I did catch him, you needn't worry. Oh, but I searched for you for so long - I wasn’t sure where you’d gone and when I couldn’t find you… well… I feared for the worst.”

“Well, I’m ok now. It was nice to see you again but I should probably be heading on.”

“Yes indeed. And I am so glad to see you again. Good luck with your new employer Liss.”

The older adventurer waved goodbye to her former sidekick as the young woman with the big stick strode off into the sunset.

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