Captain John Fentiman - David F


The rest of your life

Your warn your men that you are getting out of here – it’s getting a little hot and then get to work on acquiring the necessary defences if someone comes at you. a daring raid on the college of transport gives you some god killing ammunition and some sheets of metal that had antigod written on a label above them.

Some of your men are left behind with the task of inconveniencing Readnagh but they are unable to find any of her people that cannot cope with their attack.

Having obtained this you and your men take over some airships and sail out through Jeremiah’s portal setting up base on the next world over. They’ll never catch you now. They should have done it when they had the chance.

You send your men out; with some drugs from dr Jim and soon you have your bases set up. You then start taking down the rival gangs making you the leader of the underworld here. With this network in place Dr Jim sets up his emporium, you quietly taking care of anyone who objects to this. Soon business is booming as with the emporium set up your supply of drugs increases, those that try to copy the formula find themselves messily disposed of. Unsurprisingly people stop trying.

This pattern continues in several worlds. However in one, Dukik as you are making a quick getaway after this world’s annoyingly competent police force is tracking you down. A dragonfly appears says Raednagh says you will not and trips you up leading in your capture. At the trial you are fairly well unguarded however and manage to escape, the parrot bringing you a lock pick.

A few other close calls lead to the discarding of a black rose and shouting you will never catch Illusio as you flee to one of the other worlds where you are set up as a powerful drug lord. And know where the best whores and nightlife is to be found.

Gang war

Things are quiet on the streets; everyone knows it’s best to stay inside after night fall. There is a war going on. An underground war between the youthful pirates and the great demon kings, the two greatest rival gangs in the city. The youthful pirates are a recent addition but have left their mark on the streets with their records for bribing officials and merciless approach to those who cross them. All other gangs in the city have fallen to them, there strange drugs taking them out before they even had a chance. The final showdown is near.

The leader of the youthful pirates leads the attack, it’s said he never gets a day older, and he certainly looks it, no-one could be successful as he is at such a young age. The pirates creep through the streets surrounding an old warehouse. Some noise can be heard from inside. Mutterings about how to deal with this upstart gang.

Suddenly the door crashes in and the demon kings look up. Infront of them they can see a man with a tricorn hat and a blade that seems to be in more than one dimension. They shoot. They miss – he seems to have inhuman reflexes. He points his cutlass at the leader and charges. He is joined by the rest of his men entering from the side and back doors. It’s a blood bath.

The new day rises. There is only one gang left on the streets, arguably the worst of the lot. The youthful pirates.

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