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Lao Jin is best known for running the sprawling Academy of the World Spirit, a place of mindbending introspection and surprisingly practical research. He teaches a philosophy which places emphasis on personal development, the promotion of diversity in society as a whole, and constant benevolent curiosity. As a knowledge god, he has been steadily inundated with honorary doctorates and titles by his followers among the Glorious Equation.


The rest of your life

You insert Aki’s brain into the latest form of alien and then start moving the academy buildings down to the forest, timing it so it is not immediately obvious what is going on. Moving the buildings is an arduous task but with the help of the hivemind, alien Aki and some of the other aliens you get it into the forest just fine.

While you are setting up the dirrigatipi network on the moon, one for each 500 metre square, Aki comes and talks with alien Aki. They have a long conversation and when they come out Aki looks disappointed in you and leaves but alien Aki stays with you, as you embark on your quest to spread the aliens. The first batch of aliens, the ones with the timuki spirits are not interested in exploring the world and tell you to get lost however the second batch and those who are your followers are eager to explore.

You settle in the forest and first reach out to the first world you find, with alien Aki opening the portals. Its inhabited and when you suggest setting up some of the more volatile aliens on the uninhabited continent alien Aki puts her foot down saying it would be immoral. You’re not convinced but as she is controlling the portals you let it lie.

You make many more species of Aliens, all with the capability to interbreed so you only send a couple of each type to each plain and yet hundreds more types develop that was not your work directly, alien Aki advising against anything that would upset the balance and or inherently painful to the species.

The aliens breed quickly and you spread them far and wide throughout the mulitiverse on uninhabited plains, ones that have not yet developed life and those whose life has ensured its own destruction. The hivemind develops the ability to spread itself through the multiverse with your new species and communicate between the worlds among other things. This is clearly not due to all the brains its eaten right?

A lucky coincidence?

All is set up the next world for seeding has been found. glorious plant life empty tree house city, perfect for the next batch. The colony is set up and ready, there are the PREDATORS there to protect them from attack, the hunters with the speed to find food, the inventors with clever gadgets on each hand, the climbers with sticky hands, as well as many others all is set.

~~two weeks previous~~

Finding the next world has been difficult, all the places that portals have been opened to recently have been populated and the colony is getting a little too large to keep in the forest. Things are not looking good for lao jin. He gets his friend to open another portal, this one to the last world within easy reach. It’s a tree house city, bustling with life. There go all their plans, well back to the drawing board.

As they walk away, a giant ball of insects sweeps through the portal. Inside the new world there is panic as one by one the people fall their brains eaten by bugs. Lots of bugs. A few hours later the world is deserted. The hive mind slinks back through and closes the portal.

The next day it suggests another set of coordinates to Lao, ones on the opposite side of the world. Lao jin looks through and pales, he looks at the hive mind again just remember fuzzywuzzy’s, Aki’s and mine are off limits

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