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Aki is a mage with a talent for exploring and a belief in the importance of history. She was recently thrown into the City (following a failed attempt to depose her home dimension's resident evil overlord) and as such is currently somewhat confused and anxious to leave.


The rest of your life

A few days after the riette convention you head over to Howe’s lab and talk with AKI. She has been integrated into his lab and talks with a rather mechanical voice. She? seems to be able to hear most things throughout the lab and can respond to questions and perform magic to help protect it as needed. Talking to her is very similar to talking o yourself, she reminds you of you in every way including those things that everyone hates to be reminded about, however she feels that her purpose in life is to help Walter Howe and teach him all she can.

When you visit Lao Jin however he does not have a brain in a jar but introduces you to Aki mark 2, one of the Alien bodies he has made. This aki is starting to get to grips with how to move this body which has far more limbs than it was expecting but agrees with you on most things. You talk to her and Lao Jin and find that the hive mind seems to have a mind of its own, it enjoys brains as far as you can gather. You also find out that a group of incarcerated mages from the city for crimes such as stealing and assault were delivered to lao Jin labs a few weeks back and they all died trying to escape, or at least that is the official story, perhaps that’s what the blood stain came from. This aki seems to feel that the best place for her is to prevent lao jin doing anything incredibly stupid, not something she feels he is capable of without guidance.

As the weeks pass you check up on the populations of ALIENS all of which are living on the planet. The first group, the ones with timuki spirits are happy with their life and plan to follow Akal in rebuilding their race, the others are with Lao Jin and are eager to explore the multiverse with him, and they all seem to be fine on their own.

As the weeks turn to months you say good bye to your friends in the city and make your way back to your homeland and help the rebellion finish off jashin’s reign, taking down tha robots while sometimes tricky is not as hard as it was when jashin was around to give them orders. There are only a few casualties after you get back and soon a new dynasty is on the rise, one that will be fair to all people and respect the ancient ways

After this you travel the multiverse finding many universes of interest defeating evil by aiding the rebellions wherever you find it and periodically checking up on Howe and lao Jin. Both seem to be getting on with their projects with their respective Aki’s helping them as best they can.

The Apprentice

Tap tap. Tap tap. There is a knock on the door of Aki, the savior’s office. come in. Standing there is a young boy of about 10 years dressed in a simple well worn clothes, fumbling with a piece of paper in his hand.please ma’am I was told you were looking for an apprentice? I’m Fuyoko approaches and takes the paper from him, it is permission slip from his uncle who has guardianship of him.

she beckons him closer. He starts shaking a bit more but he approaches. Looking at him a light seems to go on in aki’s eyes. Its exactly who she is looking for, strong, brave the perfect apprentice. I’ll let you try , come back on Monday for your first lesson

the boy’s face lights up and with a massive grin he bounds off back home to his uncles, he’s the luckiest boy alive and will gain the envy of all his friends, who will only see the glory and not the work involved in becoming the greatest defender of the weak there will ever be.


Dr Howe confused Aki.

Much of her time in the City had been marked by confusion, but it was confusion born of ignorance and inexperience. Here you could walk among gods and murderers and kings, and make pleasant conversation. Here fire could rain and rivers turn acid and suns be made. Here people could live without ties to their ancestry and think it normal.

But Aki knew Dr Howe, in some sense at least. She knew he was driven by altruism. He worked hard to cure people, to save people - to conquer ageing and death - without asking for reward. But he had taken her heart and meant it as a gift; he had copied her brain because she was a dear friend. She understood his drive to help but could not fathom his actions.

She looked up at the mechanical eyes and ears set in the lab's walls, wondering how to introduce herself to herself.

Her pulse quickened in apprehension, but it was not her heart which beat faster but the whirring and pumping of a mechanical device.

She had to talk to this other her, see if it was her, see how they differed. She had to see if the AKI was happy in her role, or if she would prefer escape.

For Aki worried that if she left this other her, to run Howe's lab - to be Howe's lab? - then the AKI's existence would be one of deepest unending confusion.

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