Vendetta is one of the city’s best sword makers, nothing magical but if you want a good sturdy weapon that is unlikely to break she’s the one to go to, there are rumours that she does other things too, but no-one has the courage to confirm this. After all, everyone has heard about the unfortunate people who have got on vendetta’s bad side, there was the man who managed to spill red wine over her favourite shirt who ended up drowned in the same vintage then strung up in the centre for all to see. Then there was the girl who dared to steel one of her knives who woke up every morning with a new cut on her face until she was so badly scarred no one could recognise her for who she was. Of course everybody has heard about the idiot who tried to double cross her, who wouldn’t when one morning every wall has the notice Galen Hendricks is mine on it. He spent the next six weeks losing everything he owned, after all no-one wants to be on vendetta’s bad side. He can still be found begging on the outskirts of the city without a penny to his name.

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