The Fate of the Planet

Above the planet something intangible springs into being, a barrier that prevents all entry. Several explorers over the years pit their wits against it but none succeed, most finding themselves at the point they started after several hours or even days of attempting to break through. They report back that it appears to be some kind of shifting invisible spatial maze that shunts you out at all opportunities. Still some rare individuals manage to break through and visit the world below, including Puzzlemaster Alima and Sir Henry Fitzwilliam-Smythe.

Looking down from the moon the City's planetwatchers saw several tribes arise over the years. The first was the fearsome ALIENS, a six-armed race that occasionally shifted into a humanoid shape with two arms for their great ceremonies. There were also tribes of much smaller creatures, and some with a wide variety of cosmetic differences. Over time they spread out over the planet’s surface, hunting game and gathering what they needed to survive.

Over the years the planet developed free from interference from the planet above. One of the noticeable exceptions was a selection of agricultural tools stamped with the Winterdell brand. Strangely the boxes contained no weapons or explosives at all, and the hoes and ploughs the tribes found inside were put to great use to dramatically improve their means of food production.

Life went on for the tribes, and as they interbred and grew strong over the centuries the strange features of each tribe eventually blended together into one form, the form of the ancient tribe of the Timuki. Every year several great rituals were held to worship the great god of the sun Sawa, CAT, the winged god of the air and the siblings Kala and Orok.

The planet isn't entirely paradise - occasional expeditions tell of a great forest full of evolved ALIENS that will strike at intruders with deadly force. Every so often one of the tribes will try to attack them to claim more land and come back missing half their number and with new legends of the creature's fearsome capabilities - poison clouds, flame projection, great rending claws and perfect camouflage have all been rumoured. Wise leaders leave the fearsome tribe of the forest alone, letting them worship Progress in peace.

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