News for Turn 4

The City's layout has changed! See City Map for details.


“Sylvios Brant and Rafe Dissani cordially invite to attend the Celestial Box upon the opening night of new and daring drama “From Beyond the Veil” at the Floating Duck theatre three days hence. Guest are reminded that a live performance will be taking place on stage, and that personal conflict will not be tolerated within the establishment. Carriages will be provided for all distinguished guests. We very much look forward to seeing you there to witness the new and daring techniques perfected by special effects maestro John Sirrum.”

OOC: The next session will be held, as the invitation suggests, in a box at a well-reputed theatre in the Glittering district.

War Comes to the City

“The unabated and escalating assaults upon our territory by the Pantheon of Discord have forced the Union to adopt a proactive defensive stance along its borders with territory. While we accept that not all members of the Pantheon are participating in agressive and hostile acts, the repeated slaughter of our patrols and people present a challenge that must be answered. If elements within the Pantheon truly wish for peace, we suggest they take harsh steps in calling to heel their more belligerent brethren. Until then, any attempt by Pantheon forces or elements to enter Union territory (without express prior permission) will be treated as acts of war, and met with overwhelming force.”

- Union Press Release

“The Union has shown their true colours, seizing upon this opportunity to begin campaigns of slaughter against the Pantheon, and to mount counter-invasions of our own territory. The anti-god agenda has been laid bare for all who care to see it, and that they are shamefully using this as an excuse to both murder our citizens and unleash experimental psychoactive agents on them is nothing short of evil. We shall not rest until the entire corrupt organisation is brought crashing down.”

- Pantheon Declaration, signed by just under 100 gods

The struggle between the Union and Pantheon has opened up into full, obvious conflict. The main front is the border to the north-east of the centre of the city, but a second has opened in the east-end. The death toll is thought to be in the low thousands so far.

Rags and Furs no More!

From Couture and Culture, one of the Renaissant's social magazines:

Sir Henry Slerbal has done it again! Proving that no-one is so vulgar that they can't benefit from his expertise, he has seen fit to convert the entirety of the smelly tribe of savages led by that Akal person to snappily-dressed, beautifully-perfumed and well-behaved members of society. So-called “Transformative” chic has been sweeping the Renaissant, with members ostentatiously arriving at events dressed in the most primitive clothes, and changing into something more and more refined over the course of the evening. We can only wonder, what does Sir Henry have in store for us next?

The Clouds Part

Editorial in the Theological observer

“The story on everyone's lips this week, is of course, the tumultuous turn of events in the heavens above us. The parting of the clouds and the apparent revelation of some sort of sun shining above them was undoubtably impressive, though we must profess concerns that the creation of a sun in the skies above (if that is, indeed, what has been attempted) could perhaps have used more work, and perhaps more warning. The most surprising fact in all this is, perhaps, that no one has yet come forward to claim credit for the act. Attos, acting as a spokesman for the Pantheon, assures us that discredited divinity Lumeor was unlikely to have been involved, while up and coming sun-god Firstborn's temple has been silent on the matter. Our celestial correspondant gives a breakdown of the likely candidates on page 7, and the full interview with Attos, in which he also comments on the ongoing war, and the new clinic he's setting up to help the city's aged populace, can be found on page 9.”

The city is significantly brighter than it has been in anything like recent memory - more cloudy day than twilight. Around a week after the last meeting, a circle of clouds did indeed open above the canopy, revealing a growing, white orb hovering in the centre of the sky. The temperature of the city does not appear to have changed.

A Second Sun Rises

“The Glorious Equation applauds the Academy of the World Spirit on their completion of their artificial sun. The implications of the success of this enterprise for industry and technology are considerable, and the council would like to extend their personal congratulations to Lao Jin, head of the Academy, as well as to Baron Otto and Raednagh for their assistance in these matters. Requests to visit the Academy gardens to observe this marvellous synthesis of technology and the divine should be addressed to Lao Jin personally.”

Press Release by the Glorious Equation

Poetry competition

The poetry competition arranged by Madison Vogontia was today declaried a roaring success after people from across the city took part in the event. Many hundreds entered poems to the competition which were read out during the course of the day but many more attended just to listen to the artistic works produced for the event. Certainly this makes a change from the past where the arts were seen as purely the perview of the Renassaint but here people from every walk of life could be seen taking part in the day. Many of Madison's students from her school for the artistically gifted entered, showing that their short time at the school has already been put to good use with many stunning entries. That school is certainly a place to watch for the next generation of upcoming talent! The overall winners have yet to be announced with the result expected to be revealed at the next Riette Convention.

From The Daily Review


“I am proud to present the revolution in diagnostic medicine”- Dr Walter Howe

Dr Walter Howe unveiled his latest creation today, the Automated Standard Symptoms Interactive Statistical Tabulating System or ASSISTS for short. The good doctor made a short speech about this device, and those present were invited to give it a try, Howe saying that he would get back to them with their results after the party. This machine works by correlating symptoms with likely diseases outputting data by the medium of punch-cards. Truly a magnificent device. But let us not forget to mention the hospitality of the doctor, as this has been simply the most lavish event I have been to for some time, no expense was spared with the unveiling. Dr Howe is certainly generating quite a stir, with not only this new device but also with the paper he has published this week, “On the Place of Technology Within the Field of Medicine” a well written document on how to improve the healthcare of the City, which has had a lot of interest, particularly from members of the Glorious Equation. Truly doctor Walter Howe is a man with a great vision for the future of healthcare in the city.

The doctor was unable for interview at the party, staying only briefly before returning to work.

Article from Factor

Mystery Boxes

Overheard in a floating market bar

“I did ask the foreman why the boxes were so heavy, but he just shouted at me - as usual. I got the last laugh though. Kularn lost her footing going down the gangplank, and one of these boxes took a tumble. And wouldn't you know it (I bloody did!), the darn things are full of stones. Well, mostly stones. Looked like there was some sort of black flower in there too, but the foreman whisked that away to show to the mistress. Then they came back and had us check them all, and it was the same in 'em all. Piles of stones, black flower, and a letter suggesting that next time, our bosses engage the services of some two-bit smuggler's guild. I heard the mistress spent a handful of diamonds on that tea shipment - I bet she's bloody livid.

Theatrical Goings On

Article in the Font of Illumination, a journal published in the Glittering District

”…and while so much bright new talent seems to be on the rise under the patronage of either Master Brandt or Architect, spare a thought for poor Mr. Von Bek. It's been a while since we've had a good, old fashioned, actor's strike, but the cast and crew of his latest production, ”Downfall of a Banker” have been inextricable from the warm embrace of the Painted Rose Tavern for nearly a week now, with a pay dispute apparently the cause. Meanwhile, revelations of a strong of former lovers out for a bit of payback multiply daily, and more outrageous voices (to which this esteemed publication of course pays NO heed) are whispering that Lady Riette herself may have some sort of grievance against him.”


An article from the Crescent Gazette

“At least in these troubled times it is reassuring that the Pantheon's attempts to recruit among the Contrite are failing even more dramatically than normal. Our correspondents living in their district assure us that the cult everyone is talking about this month is that of the Purpose, an ultimately benign sounding philosophy rooted in a god or entity happily located outside our own wonderful city. We wish them the best of luck in bringing their “Great Event” to pass. Other than that, it's mostly the usual grim fare - the only recent flashes of novelty are a small collection of new cults claiming to worship some variation on a “Queen of Justice”, whoever she may be. Still, overall this editor feels we have no need to fear a war on two fronts.

Signed and Dated

Abstract from an article published in Factor

AF Dating - An Archaeological Revolution, By Sir Henry Fitzwilliam-Smythe III, Esq

In this article, I propose a revolutionary new dating system, which I believe could bring significant improvements to academic discourse in the city. As you will, of course, be aware, the City currently has no unified dating system by which to date archaeological finds. My Annum Fitzpatrickum system uses a 340 day cycle, which can be shown to have substantial benefits over that chosen by the two-strike Zeta system…

Cry against the dying of the Light

Despite the lightening of the sky thanks to the appearance of two new suns, many are worried that it will do no good as the darkness has once again expanded to its previous limits and seems to be threatening to continue to expand beyond even that. Many have been asking what can be done about it and how best the darkness can be combated. Leading proponent of the anti-darkness movement is William Derse who has been very vocal in denouncing the darkness as a menace that needs to be delt with. More p2…

An excerpt from The Green Times

Explosions in the Glorious Equation... Again

Residence of the City Quarter are asked to avoid the area around Barnaby Street after a series of several small and one large explosion in the research labs of Bron Zurre. Although it is thought no one was hurt it is unclear whether the cause of the explosions is still present and people are asked to take care while passing through the area while the situation is stabilised. Many reported seeing belches of green flame arise from the building however these were prevented from spreading by the actions of several 'fire hydrangeas' located around the district at strategic points. From Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation

Don't be a wallflower

Are you often nervous in tense social situations? Do you find it hard to relax around other people? Do social gatherings send a shiver down your spine? Then you need the new product from Sir Slerbal!

“Sir Slerbal's Automagical Societal De-inhibitator. Guaranteed* to make you the life of the party!”
(* Not guaranteed)

Or try Sir Slerbal's other fine products including “Sir Slerbal's moustache wax and bril cream for the discerning gentleman - now available with patented flame retardation serum” and “Sir Slerbal's aftershave, for the man who knows where he's going in life.”
Advert from the pages of 'Ember' - a society magazine notorious for its woodcut images that is published across the city.

Construction outside the city

On the back of his success in selling personal airships, Astriam Dastolt has begun work on a workshop just outside the city to cope with the demand for his devices. A press release by his company has stated that “due to the unstable situation within the city at this moment and the increased demand for new products, Mr. Dastolt has decided to relocate and expand to more suitable premises on the planes outside the city. Please be assured that this move will not interfere with the production and maintenance of more Dastolt airships for our new and existing customers.” Work on the building has indeed progressed at quite a pace and is nearing completion suggesting that we can be expecting great things from Mr. Dastolt in the future.

From the Daily Crescent

Sickness Sweeping High Society

The Canopy Hospital has been thrown into chaos over the past few days as dozens of society's most prominent individuals came down with a mysterious new disease.

“Are you or anyone you know suffering the following symptoms?

  • High temperatures.
  • Hunger that cannot be satisfied.
  • Headaches and reduction in reasoning ability.
  • Sensitivity to light.

If so, please contact the doctors of the Canopy Hospital as soon as you can! Your actions could save lives!”

Troubled waters

Today's boat race was quite the spectacle as thousands lined the race course to watch the competitors take part in the Floating Market's river race - the course taking in two canals and several stretches of river both above and below ground. The 'no holds barred' nature of the race became aparent after several competitors were run off the course or targetted with flame throwers by their fellow contenders. Three buildings were destroyed during the race and parts of the floating market were left in flames after the tragic collision of Baron Ranheid's boat with Lord Lo's tea house as they were approaching the finish line. It is thought that two of the crew managed to bail out before the collision but the Baron is presumed dead along with several spectators who were in Lord Lo's tea house at the time of the accident. Lord Lo was thought to not be aboard the teahouse at the time but was not avaliable for comment. The race was eventually won by Sir Douglas after another boat not part of the race was seen to attack Roland Jovic's boat just before it was about to cross the finish line. It is thought that the winner is to meet Suen Tengfei of the Floating Market to arrange collection of their prize at the next Riette Convention…

Excerpt from the Cresecent News


  • Slum tea should not be exposed to either kind of direct sunlight.
  • “Graverobbing is so passé. I don't know how they expect to impress us unless they've got a full blown zombie horde lined up”.
  • “Did you see that airship? Looked like it was firing on both sides at once. War has always bred nutcases…”
  • Rise and Shine. I will. - Scrawled on a wall in the canopy
  • I hear he even made that savage Akal smell good…
  • “Soon my plan to harness the power of a thousand suns will reach fruition! Just nine hundred and ninety-nine to go!
  • Why is it always angels? Sickeningly predictable. - daubed in blood on the wall of Firstborn's (formerly Lumeor's) High Temple
  • Don't ask about Unknown Contagion 1.
  • The Nightwalker will kill us all!
  • If you dont have a Winterdell weapon you can't call yourself a proper thug.
  • Overheard in Union areas: Architect is the one to choose! I'm telling you, he can give you all your hopes and dreams. Yeah I know, even if he is a god.
  • It's the truth! I saw a minature man in a top hat run past my window this morning!
  • The Sky is falling!
  • Caught beneath the wood. Struggling so long I wait. I long to be free.
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