News - Turn 2

The shape of the City has changed! See the City Map for more details.

Lights in the sky

Extract from an article in 'The Crescent Gazette'

Consternation today as many asked the question ‘Whose sun was that?’ after the appearance of a bright light over the union district that appeared yesterday. Hanging in the air for mere moments it shone brightly enough to be seen across the city before it slowly faded over the course of the next ten minutes until it disappeared completely. Airships scrambled from the Glorious Equation were unable to get close enough in time to observe the phenomenon. Reports from those in the air when the light appeared reported that it gave off no heat, merely light that to begin with was so bright it could not be looked at but after it began to fade revealed the source to be a glowing sphere of indeterminante matter. The pilots of two airships who were flying through the area at the time were blinded by the sudden appearance of the light and it was only due to the quick thinking of their crews that a mid-air collision was averted.

Initial speculation suggests a divine explanation however no one in the Pantheon of Discord has come forward to claim it. Lumeor has declaried it a clear attack on his perview with the dying of the light clearly opposing the dominance of the dawn and has laid blame clearly at the feet of his rival Jaheris. Jaheris has yet to make any comment on the matter.

Pro-Union Message

Look around you? Who do you see?
New faces? New clothes? Well geared up? Small on talk, big on violence?
Maybe it’s nothing or maybe they’re up to no good!
The Union can help! Contact your local Union operative today if you see anyone who matches this description.
Your actions could save lives!

A Clearing of the Skies

A Letter to Aeronautics Today


While I agree with the generally held view that the surfeit of divine beings within our city presents a persistant hazard to aerial shipping, I am forced to disagree with your tarring all divine beings with the same brush, as senseless purveyors of destruction. The past week, we were experiencing substantial turbulence over the Pantheon district, undoubtably related to the hurricane being summoned at the time by Kluthora the Cyclone. While our helmsman was ably handling the high winds, we were narrowly avoiding lightning strikes, any of which could have destroyed us. Suddenly, there came the blinding flash that all in our profession dread, that comes only with a direct hit. However, as sight returned to our eyes, we found that we were still intact, and that a glowing, winged figure was floating next to our ship where the impact had come. He apologised for the inconvenience that his brethren had caused, and wished us safe travels along our way.

To my mind it comes as some reassurance that at least some of the denizens of that blighted district have our best interests at heart. I would ask that in light of this, your editors perhaps consider more carefully before making sweeping generalisations.

Captain Zia Jeffer of the Paladia.

Disappointing Lack of Airship Polo

Article from “City Sports Weekly”

Many in the City looked upwards today in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the first match of Airship Polo/FerinoBall. News of this exciting new sport spread mostly by word of mouth, but looking back most of those words came from one mouth, that of Captain Ferino, the eccentric airship pilot who claims to have named the sport. His enthusiasm caused many to greatly anticipate the match, however the game was never played. At 11Pm a Stetson shaped airship reportedly belonging to Mr Ferino was spotted flying alone in the sky. A voice on a megaphone belonging to the aforementioned Mr Ferino was heard shouting “Hello? Anybody there?”, before the craft flew away in a dejected manner. Some say this just serves to highlight the problems and amount of disorganisation amongst those within the city, although others think that this merely shows Captain Ferino is a drunken, optimistic, blundering moron who couldn't arrange a house party, much less a new sport.

Another Pro-Union Message

The Union is mighty!
Its members are stronger than the rest of the weaklings in this city!
Don't mess with the Union.
Or Else.

This message and similar have been appearing on posters around the city. They appear to be written in blood.

Praise be to Architect!

An editorial from the Theological Observer, a news sheet dealing primarily with divine and religious happenings.

We note with interest the rapid rise of the cult of the divinity known as Architect. Seeking to claim large swathes of the newly created city was an unusually bold move for a relatively nascent cult, but in this case seems to have paid strong dividends. Our architectural critic, Ms. Paige Jett, has paid a visit to Architect's newly constructed temple within the part of the district that the god's followers have christened Arcadia, and while you can see her full review on page 7, it suffices to say that she was unusually impressed with the quality of the both the edifice itself, and that of the decor. Meanwhile, the message of the cult is an undeniably attractive, and unusually tangible one - Architect will help you craft, however he can. While in our long experience of such matters, such a benevolent front is often a cover for a particularly sinister organisation, we have been surprised before, and will watch the growth of this order with interest.

Waterway Cleanup

Overheard in a riverside tavern:

“Impressive sight it was - that fancy boat moving down the river, suckin' up all that water and separating out all the junk. Bloody good how that shaman fella led all those Gators chasin' off down the river too. Looked like a good haul they picked up, assuming it was corpses as they were looking for. I guess you forget how many of the criminal element view the canals as an easy dumping spot. I know one of the dockers who helped them unload, and he swore that one of them corpses had something weird sliced into it - some sort of bird all in flames. Heard they found some other neat stuff too. And hey, you can actually drink the water from that bit now, without turning into any sort of newt. Hope they're planning on rolling it out further, nice to see the Union doing some proper civic good.”

It has also been noted that the streets around the city also seem clearer of rubbish than they have done for a long while although it is not obvious who is responsible.

Elluvian space - blessing or curse?

Hot off the press of the Green Street Times.
Riots have broken out in the Elluvian district after its creation last week. Members of the Pantheon of discord were quick to move in to the southern portion of the area expanding the border of the divine quarter. Notably Attos has been very public in his support of the expansion of the Divine quarter and with a support of a large cross section of the Pantheon has ensured the smooth transition of many streets into it. A new temple has arisen within the new land of the Divine Quarter territory dedicated to The Architect. Designed to his own specifications with neighbouring buildings rebuilt to the specifications of his followers it has begun being called ‘Arcadia’ to those who live there. Similarly the Union were swift to ensure that regions neighbouring the Free Crescent were put under the protection of its patrols.

Most notable is the emergence of a new power calling its self ‘The Circle’. A newly formed guild of magicians, it has claimed a large portion of the Northern Elluvian space for its own employing the protection of Union Enforcers to keep the peace and advertising far and wide its intentions to provide a safe space for those wishing to pursue a magical course or those willing to live under the protection of such people.

However this paper has recently received information that the central as yet unclaimed area of the Elluvian region has been thrown into turmoil by the appearance of a number of soldiers who appear to be fighting for control of the area. Clashes with a number of Undergraduates from the Equation University have turned violent after the occupation of the tallest tower in the district by the students to the opposition of the soldiers. Hundreds have been left wounded by the violence and many are feared dead.

Worrying reports are also emerging of newly arrived residents disappearing shortly after arrival and of strange figures being seen in the shadows, causing many to stay away from the newly opened space. Eye witness reports suggest hoards of dark creatures stalking the streets led by a figure shrouded in shadow.

Despite the safety apparently offered by the new claimants of the Elluvian space, it remains to be seen whether any of them can keep their promises of protection and quell the violence that has claimed the central region.

Lecture for Elluvia

From Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation
Sir Henry Fitzwilliam-Smythe III today gave a lecture entitled “This Just Isn't Cricket- Reconciling Divine Urban Remodelling with Accepted Archaeological Methods Through the Use of Indignant Stubbornness” calling on all right thinking gentlemen (and women) to consider carefully their position on new real estate and to act accordingly and with all dignity. It is hoped that this may indicate a new book in the pipeline from Sir Fitzwilliam-Smythe after his much lauded “Antiquity Acquisition and Appeasement”.

In contrast, Sir Mortimer Stone, a fellow professor at the university, is quoted as saying “It's all very well and good with these fine words and florid speeches, but when is Sir Henry going to come forward and produce some new actual findings?”. A view that has been echoed by others within the establishment.

A Grand Opening

A Press Release from the office of Beatrice Lloyd, High Priestess of Exubera and Proprietor of the Pyramid Tea Houses.

In recent weeks, an ill-reputed establishment known as Slum Tea has been poisoning the poor of the city with inferior beverages distributed for free. This is an affront to the generosity of Exubera, and thus we shall be ensuring that all are able to drink a quality cup of tea if they so desire it - henceforth, the temple of Exubera will provide Pyramid tea to any of the needy who so require it.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of the Flying Tea-House, our newest and most exclusive establishment, which will be making stops around the city in the coming weeks and months. Reservations recommended. We look forward to sharing the finest bounties Exubera can provide with the city's finest citizens.

A flying tea house does indeed stop around the city, and many of the finest gentry make a point of being seen at it. Miss Lloyd herself makes impassioned speeches to the glory of Exubera at each stop.

The Circle Protects

The Circle, the City's premier club for the mystically Gifted, after discussion with Elluvia, wish to invite any who so desire to take up residence in their new quarter of the City. Come quickly to ensure your best place!

Opportunities abound to join our Neighbourhood Watch scheme! Truly magical. Contact Akal, theSpirit Guide, for details and schedule.

No catches.*

[small print]*We’d very much like for you to put our flag on your roof.

- Seen on posters around the city advertising the presence of a new club for mages, and their acquisition of part of the new Elluvial space. The effect of these posters seems to be quite pervasive, with hundreds of people supporting the arrival of the mages guild into the new quarter - all seemingly very willing to live under their protection.

Not the Glorious Equation! Explosions hit the escapologists!

People close to the area held by the escapologists were shocked today when the headquarters of the organisation were destroyed in a series of explosions. It is not known who was responsible for the detonations however at least four were heard over the course of several minutes leading to the collapse of the building. It is thought that at least thirty people were killed in the blasts although the exact number of dead has not yet been confirmed. Many more were injured and several buildings nearby suffered significant damage from masonry shrapnel. No one has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the attack but it is thought that it might relate to rumours that a 'red ribbon' was believed to be in the vaults of the building as part of the city wide scavenger hunt arranged two weeks ago. The escapologists have yet to comment whether anything has been taken from the vault following the incident. It appears that others also took advantage of the situation as eye witnesses state that several people were found dead or injured in the vacinity of the incident but bearing no sign of damage caused by the explosion.

- From the pages of the Portland Street Press.

Strike Against the Darkness!

“Did you see him charging in, sword held aloft?”
“Did you hear the war cries he shouted out? Thought I'd gone deaf for a few moments there!”
“Looked like he gave that bloody stain on our city something to think about. I'd swear you could see it retreating by the second!”
“To Makhawon! God and Hero both!”

Overheard in a tavern popular among the former adventurers. The Darkness in the city is perceptibly smaller than it was a few weeks ago.

CircleCures Grand Opening

Found on flyers distributed in the new district

Provides all the medicines you need to get you back on your feet
Cheap and affordable
A solution to every problem
Find us two streets over from the Grey Sky pub.

Feedback from customers of CirclesCures

“They seem to be pretty well stocked on disease preventatives and cold cures at a reasonable price too!”
“Their stock of painkillers is abysmal, not even a simple headache cure was available. They'd completely sold out!”

Renovations and Innovations

Baron Otto today announced the completion of the overground relay pumping stations that are the corner stones of his new sewage removal and drainage renovation program. The pumping stations really are a marvel to behold and while work continues on renovating the existing underground tunnels, work on construction of overground covered channels heading out of the city is nearly complete. The main Pumping station is still to be built however the progress made in just two short weeks on this project is quite incredible. Despite some protestations from members of the Renessant, the building of the stations and channels has occurred without incident and to great acclaim!

- From the morning edition of The City Times


  • The River Sharks! They're growing legs and eating rubbish on the streets.
  • “We've got talking points! Do you know what that thing does, because I don't!”
  • SLUM TEA! It'll raise the dead!
  • SLUM TEA! Tea for men who don't own airships!
  • SLUM TEA! It makes everything else taste better!
  • I just wanted a cup of coEEee
  • “There's a room upstairs for all your clandestine deals! Conspirators drink free!”
  • There is a Hell-gator that wears a top hat. It is the leader.
  • Captain Ferino is secretly the god of the city, or of hats, one of the two.
  • You are not welcome here.
  • Eools!
  • Quick! Buy up all the spuds you can! There's a shortage!
  • I hear it goes down forever and ever, and never stops. It's the only thing that makes sense.
  • The first rule of Calligraphy Fight Club… Always wash your brushes.
  • ”…Fell twenty feet into the river I swear! Gunshots as well. But no corpse so it can't have been that bad…unless of course the 'gaitors ate it.
  • Everyone is equally edible.
  • Stability through Faith. Faith through Exubera
  • “The night walker is back!” “Isn't he just a story?” “What do you mean just?”
  • Euck the Rich!
  • “Get your airships in a bottle! Get a perfect replica of your favourite airship put in your favourite bottle!” A poster seen in the Glittering Quarter
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