News Turn 13

The City has changed yet again! View the City Map page for details.

A New Power Reigns

A testimony from a wounded airship pilot, recuperating in the embattled Red Cross hospital.

I was flying towards the Union district from the Renaissant as the sun went down, my last fare of the day. I was just flicking on the low-light lamps when my passengers started making a noise and pointing down. Looking out for what had got them riled up, I looked down into the City streets and couldn't believe my eyes. From every alleyway, every dark crevice, figures wreathed in shadow appeared and started marching towards the biggest buildings - the Hospital, the Bank, the Union tower and the Canopy. Flying lower to take a closer look I could hear them chanting, muttered words rising up into a cacophony: 'The day has ended. Night will fall, and darkness will rule the living and the dead.' Over and over again they chanted, and my blood ran cold. Flying up again I tried to get us out of there, but strange winds buffeted us about. As we sailed over the Canopy I saw explosions and gunfire through the streets, soldiers in armoured suits and creatures of bone and blades scything through Council forces and claiming every pillar up to the Canopy. An armoured airship hovered over the Canopy launching fusillades of fire at the police force aircraft, and I heard a voice blaring out: “Citizens, do not fear the slight regime change. It is I, Emperor Ferino, here to stand for truth, freedom and having a topping time. For too long has the loud voice of the shouty man been ignored in this city. As your glorious leader I will ensure everyone has a voice, and lead us in the general direction of a brighter tomorrow.” Needless to say this was more confusing than all the rest put together.

“All of a sudden the wind picked up, and became full of grit and sand. Visibility dropped to a few hundred feet, and the winds threatened to slam us against the buildings. Someone must have noticed us, and gunfire tore through my airship's envelope and ruined my knee. The passengers were goners; I had no choice but to strap on a parachute and try to land myself. The whirling sand almost killed me, but I had the luck to land next to your hospital. If you hadn't rushed out when you did, that horde of undead out there would've torn me apart. I can still hear them moaning out there…”

A large force of undead, soldiers, and shadowy humanoids have attempted to seize control of the City, helped by a whirling sandstorm that has dropped visible distances dramatically and made it all but impossible to fly unless you use Astriam's shielded aircraft. The army isn't engaging in campaigns of genocide or destruction, but it has installed itself in positions of vital importance to the City and stopped people walking the streets. The Union tower has remained safe, protected by a technological force-field, and has been adopted as an emergency HQ by the remnants of the Council.

Trial of a Pirate

A proclamation from the Temple of Justice:

“Let it be known that the scoundrel and criminal, John Fentiman, has been tried in absentia and found guilty of multiple counts of murder, slander, racketeering and disorderly conduct. Evidence mysteriously missing from the police's files may have harmed the prosecution's case, but thankfully eyewitness reports from public individuals managed to provide sufficient proof of the pirate's activities for a verdict to be reached. We judge that no aid is to be given to him, and all responsible citizens are do endeavour to bring him to the Temple for punishment and incarceration.”

Ultimate Showdown

An article from the Theological Observer

“There's little we here at the Theological Observer like mroe than a good, old fashioned divine duel, and we'd like to be the first to extend our thanks to Raednagh and Entropy for providing such an entertaining show during their duel this week. Even by the standards of our wonderful city, the powers unleashed were reported to be of exceptional magnitude, and our reporter on the ground was nearly crushed when a flying Entropy almost toppled an entire building. By all accounts, Raednagh won a solid victory, but given that he sportingly allowed his opponent to survive, we can only say that we're thoroughly looking forward to the inevitable rematch.”

From an observer's account

“I dunno… I never heard Entropy agree to any Duel. Looked more like he wanted to talk than anything else but Raednagh wasn't having any of it. Well, what would you do in that situation? He fought back but lost - bit of a rum deal if you ask me…”

Darkness on the Rise

Shouted on a street corner:

“Abandon hope, for the Nightwalker has returned! You fools in your ivory towers thought it was gone, but how could fear itself die? While the council bicker and betray, the Nightwalker reaches out to steal the minds of the weak, the foolish, the scared, the uncertain. While the Empire prepares its assaults, the Nightwalker sows doubt among the defenders, leaves them stricken at their posts. While the undead stalk the streets, the Nightwalker stalks the shadows. The sun has risen again, but now night falls once more!

The area where the darkness used to be has returned - even during the day it is as dark as night. The darkness is perhaps less absolute than it was before but it contains deeper shadows and is closer to 'night' than 'blackout'.

Jim’s emporium Extravaganza parade

Article from the City Times:

Through the streets of the city things have been looking up! Dr. Jim's parade has been showering us with free samples of all his products in a glorious pharmacological cornucopia. Though this reporter must admit that after trying that wonderful drug Quick+ I am certainly craving more, The piles of confetti entertainment in the form of jugglers and his free recreational substances meant everyone had a really good time.

Excerpt from the speech Dr Jim made at several points along his tour:

“And then there is my crowning achievement, ridding the world of chains, we were born free, yet we found ourselves everywhere in CHAINS! Some said NOTHING could be done, or it was TOO DANGEROUS, or the chains a source of COMFORT and PROTECTION. Bah - only the protection that one finds in a PRISON! But one VISIONARY saw through this - I, Dr. Jim Williamson! Through the AIR, through the WATER, through the EARTH, through the FOOD - my Chain-b-Gone has CLEANSED this place of chains. And now, as you can see, we are FREE - free of the CHAINS that bound us, and soon free of this WRETCHED PRISON of a plane!”

Problems with the Police

Article from Factor:

Our Council may tell us that the police force was cleared of criminal elements, but they seem to have found only buffoons to replace them. A minor altercation between two inebriated individuals in a restaurant lead to the police charging in with extreme force and they must have knocked something over in the kitchens; there was a sudden massive explosion covering the crowd who had gathered to watch the excitement in flames and acid. Yes, acid! Can’t the police even protect those of us who just want to live quietly? Their incompetence will be the death of us.


A pamplet distributed among the defenders of the Union tower by the Renaissant

“When undead assault the walls of our city, and an Empire assaults the walls of our world, should we abandon hope? Should we give in, and allow our spirit to be crushed from us? No! We are led by a man who has no time for tyranny, a man who cares only for freedom and the unbounded growth of all this city stands for. Sylvios Brant bought fair governance to this city. Sylvios Brant brought the economy to this city. Sylvios Brant holds the best parties in the city. Sylvios Brant brings wealth, success and glory to the city, and the leadership of Sylvios Brant shall save the city!”

Niobe Alive

From The Green Street Times

After a daring rescue by Councilman No. 1 and Police chief Krod Balfour, Niobe Riette has been found safely after a kidnap attempt by the Devourer. With the Devourer no more and her final worshipers dead, her captive had been forgotten and left to rot in prison. Luckily for Niobe the determination and skills of No. 1 and Krod were up to the challenge and careful investigation finally led them to a warehouse in the Iron Bells Quarter. Within the quarter the pair praised the helpfulness of the residents in coming forth with any information they had which allowed them to piece together what had happened. The warehouse was raided last night and Niobe found within. She was taken to the Union tower where she is said to be recovering well.

The Wedding of the Decade

Extract from Ember - a publication of the Glittering Quarter

You would be forgiven for not knowing about what will, in retrospect, probably become known as the wedding of the decade if not the century! Yesterday Madison Vogontia and Roland Jovic tied the knot (literally) in a series of Hand fasting ceremonies that took place in many locations significant to the happy couple. The event was not publicised and if you happened to see the pair go by, eye-catching to say the least in their Plagarian clothes, you were one of the lucky few. Ember can reveal exclusive woodcuts (see p.3) of the couple as they enjoyed a wedding picnic with close friends in the Peace Gardens after the ceremonies were complete and before they took a tour of the city at sunset in an airship belonging to the groom. We at Ember wish the couple every happiness in their new lives together.


A pamplet distributed by the Union

We have reached our City's darkest hour. The forces of tyranny surround us on all sides, whether the withered hand of the necromancer or the iron fist of the Empire. No tyrant yet has crushed the Union!

Already citizens of all allegiances rally to our banner, knowing that only we have the strength to stand firm, to rise up and to cast down those who oppress us. Great leaders have cast aside their personal loyalties to come together as one, heroes old and new from Niobe to One. Their foresight has seen us prepared for this time, and their governance shall see us give not an inch of ground to those who seek to oppress us. All as one we shall stand!

Theft and muggings down

From an article in the City Times:

”…Today the police released a short report detailing the estimated levels of crime within the city over the past two weeks. Although violent crime, murder and political crime has increased dramatically it appears that petty theft and assault are down with respect to the levels of previous records…“

Although the shadowy forces in the streets have been fighting the forces of the Council tooth and nail, they seem to be pretty effective in keeping criminals off the streets.

Portal relocation

Excerpt from Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation:

In a marvel of modern engineering the portal constructed by Captain Worthington, recently damaged by the fall of Archtict's tower, was moved from its unstable location held in mid-air to a new location on the edge of the former acid lake. The movement of the portal its self was watched with great interest by many - particularly when there appeared to be a slight problem with the levitation generator on the airship. Luckily the portal was caught by Engine and secured by Captain Worthington, Ms Hawkins and Mr. Jovic who were on hand to help. The portal has been installed on the raft platform constructed by Mr. Dastalt and positioned such that both airships and boats will be able to move through it when it becomes fully operational.


  • Licking a six arm is like licking the back of a frog… stop looking at me like that.
  • Bodies for sale! Full transplant available!
  • I saw Anathema shot dead on a street corner by a Winterdell suit. Where's the Justice in that?
  • Terrible news everybody! I've just heard that the Council plans to outlaw blood sports! What are we going to do for fun now?
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