News Turn 11

The City has changed! See the City Map page for details.

Universal Upheaval

Front page from an emergency early edition of Adventurer's Monthly

“STOP THE PRESSES. We can exclusively confirm that in the aftermath of last weeks dramatic events as regards the splitting of the sky and colossal earthquakes YOU CAN FLY OVER THE HORIZON. Any explorer worth his salt knew that if you tried to fly away from the city you would find yourself crossing infinite planes of nothingness forever, but NOT ANYMORE. A whole world of possibility is out there, a whole world of secrets and excitement, and within these hallowed pages you will find a COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to getting ahead in these interesting times. It's every man and woman for themselves out there, and you don't want to be the one who hasn't read our exclusive feature.”

OOC: Towards the end of the fortnight, the entire city began rumbling, buildings crushing and tearing apart much like when the rocket was fired in turn 7. Then, the sky seemed to begin to split open, though this effect was obscured by a gathering and thickening of the clouds. Then, with an almighty jolt, the clouds scattered in all directions, revealing a blue sky in which sits a healthy looking sun. There now appears to be a true day and night cycle, and beautiful stars can be seen in the sky at night.

An Open Letter from the Engineers Guild

After the recent upheavals to the city in the form of earthquakes, possible dimensional twisting and other natural disasters, the guild of Engineers wishes to express its concern for the structural integrity of the upper Pantheon district. Experts within the guild have noted certain cracks in the base supporting the upper district and wish to offer their professional opinion that these structural flaws should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent possible imminent collapse of the upper district which, in their opinion, would cause wide scale death and destruction on a previously unprecedented level. (The guild would like to note that 'unprecedented level' takes recent events into account and is not an exaggeration but an accurate statement based on calculations made to the best of the guild's ability - the guild of Engineers does not take this situation lightly)

What’s next?

Leaving this world will soon be possible.
Have you made your plans for going home?
Do you need help in contacting your loved ones?
Do you need to make other arrangements?
Discreet communications to anywhere and anyone. Just book your appointment at the communications centre

An advert appearing in the Floating Market

Fertility Drugs Now Available

Dr Williamson claims to have found the solution to all our problems, or at least those related to… repopulation. No more shall we have to struggle to have a child with his brand new range of fertility products. Just what we need after the past few months – new life. They even come as a tasty drink, one for him and one for her.

Article in the Medical Times

Police Chiefs Wanted!

“The City Council will pay a substantial reward to anyone providing information leading to the location and capture of either of the erstwhile chiefs of the police force, Captain Fentiman and Agent Reynolds. Both are wanted for fraud, blackmail, bribery, petty theft, grand theft, smuggling and multiple counts of crime by proxy. It must be stressed that both are to be considered armed and dangerous, though the two are not thought to be working together.

“On an unrelated note, the City council will shortly be conducting interviews for new chiefs of police. Applicants should be of good character and should on no account be the head of a crime syndicate.”

The Sacred Hunt

From Extreme and Unwise Sports Quarterly:

“The Canopy! Home of the elite, the refined and the distinguished. We've all wanted to let loose, to run and cause chaos through its branches, and the puzzling Akal/Kala has provided the perfect excuse. Relive the sacred rites of yesteryear! Test your skill and endurance to the limit! Chase a giant golden bullock past fancy tea shops and try to carve out its heart!”

A report issued from the Meteorological Society: “Members may be interested to hear that the barbaric rampage that disrupted our last meeting was more relevant than thought at the time. The sacrifice of the bullock that charged the unfortunate Dame Glenville was allegedly a great act of worship for the new god of the sun, and we hear this ritual gave the god enough power to greatly increase the power of the sun. I'm sure everyone saw the bright light sear away those dreary clouds of yesteryear and boil enough of the lake to create a new system of clouds, complete with a functional water cycle. It is truly a good time for our society, and the sky has never been more dynamic. We hope to see you all on our expedition north to see how far the new sky extends, aside from the Dame Glenville (who we wish a speedy recovery).”

Giant Octopi!

“Did you see the madness happening in the sky earlier?”


“Well it was an ordinary day, nothing there 'cept airships one minute and the next: Giant Sky Octopus!”

“Giant Sky Octopus?”

“Giant Sky Octopus, anyway it wrapped itself around an airship and looked pretty dangerous, that's when that city airship span around and unloaded its cannons into the beast.”

“What happened?”

“Fell out of the sky it did, while being battered the entire time, wriggled away into the sewers apparently.”

“So there is a Giant Sewer Octopus now?”

“Maybe, could be anywhere by now.”

The Grand Construction

Overheard at a pub frequented by airship pilots

“Does anyone know what it is Worthington is building atop his tower?”

“No one seems to have a clue, but it's mighty impressive. It almost looks like someone chopped the top half off a ring, but it's going to be bloody huge once it's done, big enough to fly an airship through”.

“Looks like he's taking no chances with any funny business either - you can see those gun turrets moving all hours of the day and night, so there must be people at the other end”.

“What I can't figure out is what it's made of - not anything I've ever seen, though captain Fairway did reckon she'd seen something that looked a bit like it in one of those museums, apparently unearthed in the forest somewhere”.

“Well, they do say Worthington has been everywhere in this little world…”

Shortly before the end of the fortnight, a large portal sprang into existence above Worthington's tower. It's at least as wide as a large airship.

Trial by Public Review

…Where guilt is not in question the appropriate punishment will be enacted - ranging from a fine for property damage, rehabilitation if deemed possible or incarceration or death for the most extreme crimes. Where multiple punishment options could be applied, the defendant will be allowed to choose from an appropriate selection. For when there is a question of guilt, the accused will stand trial and offer his defense against the accusations. In turn the wronged party will be allowed to present an argument to the assembled crowd. The assembled public will then vote on both the guilt of the defendant and the degree of guilt. That degree of guilt will then be used to determine an appropriate punishment ranging on the same scale as when guilt is not in question. Those whose guilt is deemed to be high and where the crime is more extreme will have fewer choices and more extreme options of the punishments they will receive…

An extract from a declaration of city laws by Councillor Raednagh, God of Justice, on the matter of enforcing city justice.

A New Temple Arises

On the edge of the Pantheon district a new temple has arisen. It is small but claims to be the temple of a contrite and repentant Devourer. The few followers risking the ire of the law claim that the Devourer has seen the error of her ways and wishes a new start. This temple is the beginning - dedicated to Natural Disaster as was the Devourer's original purview. They claim that she has promised to work with the City from now on, abandoning her desire for chaos, and asks to be given a chance. The temple its self was handing out tea and cake to the scant few who would risk it and the Devourer herself has not been seen in some time. The new temple is adorned with murals of earthquake ravaged scenes and tidal waves flooding the land. There is also a framed signature on the wall - that of Ferrino who is apparently held in admiration although for what it is not clear. Has she turned over a new leaf? This public statement is certainly risky as worship of her is still Illegal within the city. The council has yet to issue a statement regarding this new development and no action has yet been taken against the new temple.

Excerpt from the Green Street Times.

The End is Nigh!

Proclaimed at a meeting of the followers of Architect/Entropy

“The world is about to implode in on itself, as the prison collapses and the world ends. This I say with certainty! There is nothing you can do to save yourselves. Nothing, except to follow Architect-Entropy! He who once was Architect and now is Entropy, he who is creator and destroyer, he who understands the ways of the world and the workings of the universe WILL save you if you follow him. The machines that keep the city from being destroyed will be shut down and when that happens who will you turn to as the world dissolves around you? Know now that Architect-Entropy has seen escape occur, not only has he seen it but he aided it. He is the only one who is capable of saving us and setting us free of this prison.”

There is an up-swelling of people massing towards Architect-Entropy which is only made stronger when the world quakes, but in the past couple of days, when the world seems to not be falling to pieces, some have begun to question what was told them.

New Hospital

”…Foundations are down already so I hear. Glittering district is going to have a Red Cross building all of it's own!”

“What to the locals think?”

“Right pleased so I hear. The land was… well, left vacant after the recent trouble and after all the help the Red Cross gave you can imagine the survivors are happy to see them more permanently around. Besides I hear Raphael has even asked for their input into the design of the building - right pretty it's going to be if they have their way I have no doubt.”

“Pretty, sure… but will it work?”

“With the Red Cross on board? I should thinks so.”

Overheard on the border of the Glittering District.

Sinister Ducks

People across the city this morning were shocked to be awoken by a cacophony of quacking. Areas of the city have been overrun by a gaggle of mechanical ducks that are suspected to have escaped from somewhere within the Glorious Equation. The purpose of the ducks is currently unclear with speculation rife as to their intended goal. They appear to be wandering around the streets of the city, only changing their course when they bump into something. The more astute observers have noticed that each duck bears the initials R.M. on their beaks. The more fiscally minded observers have realised that each duck contains quite a number of cogs that will fetch quite a price at the market and that no one has yet claimed ownership of them.

From an article in Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation

School for the graphically gifted

Roland Jovic and Madison Vogontia were today pleased to announce the opening of their new Technical college. The college is designed to teach the skills required for complex engineering work in both design and execution to usher in the next generation of civil engineers. In a move that promotes city improvements, the students of the school are being given the chance to design and construct their own building. A building (close to Ms Vogontia's literary school) which suffered damage in the latest chaos has been purchased by Councillor Jovic for the express purpose of giving the students the hands on experience required to fully develop their skills. Many have already signed up and we at Factor are looking forward to seeing the progress made behind the scaffolding already erected around the building by these up and coming young designers.

From Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation.

Floating Houses above the Chaos?

People today are wondering who is responsible for the appearance of two floating houses that appear to be tethered to the city within the Glittering District by long ropes. The houses appear to be stably floating at the end of their tethers but with no obvious sign of levitation. So far no one has yet moved into the unclaimed aerial premises but an intrepid airship pilot did note that when he briefly visited the place felt calm and welcoming.

As noted in the City Times


  • Zing! He's Back! I saw him in his suit! It's just like last time, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  • The monstrous undead clockwork corpse of entropy is blasting people with the hand of god.
  • They say they've been working on the perfect person - Lao Jin and Dr. Williamson. A revolutionary new species ideally suited for a new existence. No I don't know quite what they mean either but I have a horrible feeling of becoming obsolete…
  • If you just believe in him we can save him. With the power of love we can bring back the god we remember.
  • I've been turning up to meetings, I'm afraid if I don't she'll come round again and hurt me.
  • I found this little gem stone wandering around - yes just wandering! It's got little legs and everything but when I tried to pick it up, it curled into a little spiky ball. No I haven't been drinking slum tea, why do you ask?
  • There was a hunt through the Canopy - no, not for a criminal… just for fun. Or at least that's what it looked like. There was a bull running through the streets being followed by all manner of hunters. Chaos? Of course it caused chaos! But I don't think anyone got hurt… except for the bull of course. Just after that the skies opened and the sun started shining.


  • If anyone asks if you're a god SAY YES
  • Worship His fuzzy ears and fluffy tail, or be torn apart by His rending claws!
  • You may think they're cute but I think they're sinister…
  • Behold… the Brave New World.
  • What shape is the world? And what lies beyond the mountains?
  • At least the Trams still run on time.
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