News - Turn 10

The City has changed! See the City Map page for details.

Pharmacies Open Everywhere

Jim's Cures - Grand Opening Coming Soon - All the medicines you will ever neee at an affordable price.
Notices pinned on several buildings througout the city

It appears that getting medicines will now be as simple as walking round the corner; in fact, in many cases that is all people will need to do as Dr Jim Williamson expands his business making doctors jobs easier throughout the city. All the medicines you need to perscribe to your patients will be avalible near them - no longer will people have trouble obtaining them.
Article from a Medicine Periodical

Unity Arises from the Ashes

A pronouncement issued by community leaders within the Quarter of Iron Bells.

“Faced with the destruction we have suffered at the hands of our Divine Overlords, and the compassion and philanthropy shown to us by Union forces like Raphael and Number 71, we of the Quarter of Iron Bells have decided that we no longer wish to pledge our allegiance to our betters, but instead seek the company of our peers. After discussion between ourselves and Union security forces we are now under their protection, and any further acts of aggression from the Pantheon of Discord will be met with strong opposition.”

A-net an advertising board?

You rotting? Get Rotaway!
If you feel ill, miracle cures will sort you out - now throughout the City!
It's time to fight back - get rid of those chains with chain-b-gone!

These are just some of the vast numbers of posts on the A-net, in fact they seem to be the only sort of posts. Several people have been complaining that they can't get on to post their own messages, and if they succeed then they are soon lost within the midst of the advertising. A-net or Spam-Net: who can tell?

Article from the Technolgical Times

It's a Wonder We Ever Managed Without It

Editorial from the Font of Illumination

“What a difference a few weeks makes. To any of those who were naysayers at the time, we hope the advantages of visionary Sylvios Brant's government have become clear. No more are crimes against our city unanswered - within weeks of the destructive rampage of the monstrous Exubera, her cultists have been arrested by the police force, and the damage she did has been near completely repaired. This has only been possible thanks to the unprecedented cooperation between the organisations of the city, with Union, Circle and Renaissant forces coming together to punish wrongdoers and restore the city to its former glory. To all those attending the grand exhibition Brant organised to celebrate these successes (including, of course, your humble editor), it was palpable that the city has entered a new age of prosperity and success.”

Like Mum Used to Grow

“Did you hear? Real, actual genuine no-holds barred strawberries. I tell you, thirty years here and I thought I had got used to the boring food that those as can't magic it get, but one bite and I was right back home, if only for a second. Best thing is, it's not just being sold up in the canopy - William Derse and those Purpose people are selling it to whoever wants to buy, and the prices are fantastic. Tonight, my kids are going to taste food like it's supposed to be, and may it not be the last time. Everyone goes on about how hoity-toity Mr. Brant is the best thing since sliced bread, but as I see it, that Gaius chap is the best thing that has ever happened to the city for people like you and me.”

Trouble in Paradise

“Yeah, screams, shouts, even a few people leaping off the side of the citadel. Thought I saw some temples on fire. Me and the wife had trekked all the way up their to make our dedications, but the people at the top said it wasn't safe, and we had to turn back. Apparently that wicked Exubera was trying to eat everyone, just like she did in the Pantheon district. Good thing the Union have been sorting out all her evil cultists. I hope that nice Mr. 71's airship managed to get to the citadel in time.”

Workforce Crisis

An Article from “Complete Construction”

If you're planning on making your vision a reality, better act soon, cause labour prices are on the up, up, up! Not only have tens of thousands of people been killed in all these terrible disturbances, but now, apparently, we've got an immigration problem. All the best labour guilds recruit right outside the temple of Architect to try and grab more of the new arrivals than the others, but sources have told us that the normal steady stream of arrivals have become a trickle. We've made official enquiries to the church of Architect as to whether there's some sort of problem with the magical network that's meant to gather people in his temple, but as of yet, received no reply. Our advice to you is to hire as many people as you can on fixed price contacts if you value having a workforce tomorrow.

Tram Service

All citizens should be informed of the new, reliable, safe, FREE Tram Service. In conjunction with efforts to rebuild the city, the College of Transport have created the Tram Service to help restore the City's infrastructure. With stations in every district, come and try it today.

(There are similar advertisements all across the city)

Work together for a Brighter Future

“I would like to apologise to the Red Cross for any unintentional harm caused by the actions of the White Cross and express the sincere hope that we can put aside our differences to work together to change the world.”-Dr Walter Howe

Sun actually warmer say scientists

Members of the meterological guild were today expressing amazement at the increased warmth and light being given off by the sun. It is believed that the energy output has increased drastically over the last few days however has now stabilised to give a comfortable temperature and bright light source similar to that described in many worlds outside of the City. Members of the guild are keen to get to the bottom of this phenomenon and are continuing investigations.

From Factor - a publication of the Glorious Equation.
“All Hail the great sun god! Great Sawa has returned to us and brings us life and fire! All hail the sun god!” heard shouted by a group of worshippers parading through the city.


  • “Normally the worst you can expect from the academy is an escaped monstrosity of some sort, but now it's exploding too?”
  • “MIAOW”
  • “I swear I haven't seen Ferino since last week.” “Wasn't he supposed to help with the police force or something?” “Yeah, he didn't show up.”
  • “Soon there won't be any shadows for us to hide in.”
  • “I heard screaming and fighting in the Hall of the Gods. My friend said he was heading up the staircase and turned back when he saw the bloodstains.”


  • I love kittens. Kittens are my friend. Everything is better with kittens. Kittens. Fluffy, adorable, cuddly Kittens. How did I ever live without Kittens. Kittens.
  • Faster than the speed of worship!
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