Threats to the Multiverse

In the first few months after the people of the City managed finally to break out from their prison and spread across the multiverse things were calm. The citizens of the multiverse began to hope that perhaps things would be all right, perhaps they were too worried about the residents of the City. It is rumoured even the Triumvirate felt that they may have made a mistake. And then slowly the chaos began to spread.

Tales of crime lords and pirates pillaging across the worlds were the first stories to come to light, then more and more rumours came, each seeming more worrying than the last. Bizzare creatures and swarms of insects were rumoured to be appearing across the galaxy, consuming those in their path, word of a terrifying being who walks in the darkness spreads across the worlds, suns are said to blacken and disappear in his wake. More dreadful still are the stories of realities themselves collapsing, all in them being destroyed and lost forever. Still, it is a big universe, and within it there stand those ready to oppose this madness. And right at the centre stand those few who were true heroes of the city, and now the universe.

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