Reaching out

For a dimension so isolated for so many centuries, the City began its new role in the multiverse with a bang.

Reaching out to the other worlds as soon as it could, the city soon established its self as a powerful entity. Alliances were established to ensure the continued good behaviour of the Empire and bringing in new opportunities for the citizens of the city. The portal network created by Lucian allowed for free movement between traders across many worlds as soon as the war ended. However with every portal using the City as a central nexus, it kept it as a natural focus point for trade. The floating market made good use of this ensuring that it made good contacts with the traders who came by and ensuring that despite the set up of the new ‘Great Market’ by Sylvios Brant, the floating market would not be overlooked and there would always be a place for the kind of business that does well from avoiding prying eyes.

The city’s portal network never faced any significant competition - the most notable being from Dr. Matthias Van Tellerman as he established his own portal network for increased exploration. However despite this they never came to blows separating as they did exploration from commerce.

In the months after the war Astriam Dastolt began construction on a large ship that allowed him to move around the multiverse, bringing trade to the worlds if the worlds would not come to the city to trade. Dubbed the ‘Trading Moon’ it is half the size of the moon the city sits on with room for thousands inside. Defying all odds it travels between dimensions, taking its population with it wherever it goes. A miniature version of the city like a travelling embassy, taking the message of the City wherever it goes and helping where it can.

Finally the city has reached out to the world through the Vogontia-Jovic Travelling Peripatetic University. A building without compare, headed by Madison Vogontia, that moves from dimension to dimension, heralded by Roland Jovic’s dimension travelling air ship. The university’s towers rise high into the sky, a mix of the different architectures it has visited over the year; the surrounding wall blending with the new environment as best it can. Where it lands it stays for four, maybe five years. Offering an education second to none, there is always competition for places but Madison does her best to ensure as many as possible get in while Roland and his staff ensure that the university is well received before it arrives. When it moves on it is always with some sadness but also mixed with excitement, as the next adventure begins for those remaining. The names of Vogontia and Jovic are praised throughout the multiverse.

What becomes apparent to anyone who has interacted with the City and those who have reached out from it, is the ease with which it adjusts and accepts change. The tolerance of the citizens is unmatched and those who live there are more willing than most to listen to another’s story and see another point of view. Every citizen of the city acts as ambassador when they leave, without even realising it and ensuring that the reputation of the City precedes it and allows it to flourish. Even those who decided to move away spoke well of what had been achieved in the City and spread its reputation still further.

The river goddess dipped her toes in the water and felt the cool currents wash around her feet. The waters mixed from a hundred different worlds all flowing through the city. Above her the airships flew in and out of the various portals, the larger ones using their own devices to jump in and out. The city was busier than it had ever been, a melting pot of life and culture. So much had changed in just a few years, she looked forward to seeing how much more it would change in the years to come.

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