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Krod & Locke Detective agency

Confidential and discreet Detective services at a reasonable price.

Lost item, missing persons and information retrieval. All services of a strictly legal nature. Complete secrecy guaranteed.

Pro Bono work possible.

No time wasters. No refunds.


Evidence Review

“By far the strangest single object recovered from the lodgings of the two fraudsters in the wake of their flight was item B5. Upon first observation, it appeared simply to be a large chunk of obsidian, around 7 feet by 4 feet by 3. However, examination using the devices of our scene of crime group have revealed that there appears to be a human form embedded within the stone, though not one composed of what we understand as normal flesh. What the purpose of the object is has been a matter of some debate amongst the senior detectives, and, in light of the desire to extract further evidence about where the miscreants may have fled to, a decision has been made to attempt to extract the trapped individual, on the understanding that it may be a past victim of the criminal duo with information about their origins or behaviours. Our scientists are currently attempting to calculate the optimal locations to make incisions into the rock without harming the occupant, complicated by the fact that the inner sections of the structure are already riven through with cracks.”

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