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Sylvios Brant - A Living Biography (Ed. VIII) - Preface

“It is of the utmost importance, if one is to truly appreciate the text that follows, quite how much of what is taken for granted in the City today we owe to the actions and imaginations of Sylvios Brant. From the ruling council, and the parties that fill it, right down to the coins that change hands in the great market every second of the day, Brant's ideas and visions pervade the City, and have, in this author's opinion, been pivotal in securing its status as the most respected hub of culture, science and commerce the multiverse has ever seen. It is certainly not my intention to suggest that Brant was solely responsible for the successful implementation of all of these ideas - a diverse cast of notables had undeniable parts to play - but the fact remains that without the sheer drive towards order, growth and success that Brant brought to those pivotal years of the City's history (and continues to bring to this day) can, it would nigh certainly be that much a poorer place today.”

Enduring Success

In the wake of the Empire's defeat, and the City's gates being opened wide to the multiverse, Sylvios Brant set about building upon his existing successes, and turning the city into a true hub of inter-dimensional culture and commerce. While initial set-backs (most notably a major heist on his bank as the last act of the criminal mastermind Illusio in the city) slowed his progress somewhat, Sylvios's popularity and business acumen, combined with the reparations paid into the bank by the Empire, allowed him to quickly regain momentum, and his projects went from strength to strength. He oversaw elections to the council to replace those members who had perished in the war, or had departed the city, and later introduced the concept of political parties to the system, taking leadership of one himself, while the main opposition party formed around the Union power bloc. Electoral competition between these two groups (only encouraged by the construction of a grand “City Tower” of a size to rival the Union's own) lead to a consistent drive towards civic-minded policy among incumbents hoping for re-election, and the city prospered.

As more and more traders flocked to the city through both temporary portals, the Dastolt trading moon and the river network, Sylvios oversaw the creation of the Great Market in the re-built Pantheon district, his personal patronage helping to establish it as perhaps the economic heart of the entire multiverse, where anything could be brought and sold - mostly using Brant's currency. Brant appears to continue to remain youthful, and takes an active part in the city's government to this day.


Sylvios Brant closes his folder, takes a sip of mage wright wine and get ready to leave, beneath him in the labyrinthine offices of the city tower shifts, changing and the endless work of the cities governance goes on. Looking out, even this late, the cities skies are full of airships of every colour and design. Every few moments another arrives or leaves through the great portals around the city. They bring merchant seeking their fortunes in the greatest market in the world, scholars hunting down obscure facts or seeking great debates in the cities universities and libraries and they bring pleasure seekers, lured by the wonders of the glittering quarter.

The city's currency, his currency, is used by merchants and travellers across the multiverse, and the cities government, his government, is called upon as a neutral party to settle debates from across all possible worlds. Careful trade and investment has made him wealthier than ever before, but as always he pours this wealth into the beautification and betterment of the city for all of its inhabitants. It will be election season soon and he has plans in place to win yet another rich and peaceable term in office. He checks his time piece and speeds up, looking forwards to meeting up with another old friend, back in the city as a pause on his long travels

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