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Miranda continued to work from the city even after the world was opened up. Always content with making her miniature devices she continued to provide entertainments for the many residents and visitors to the City gaining a reputation that spanned worlds as being the only person to go to for the finest examples of clockwork entertainment in the multiverse.

After the end of the war with the Triumvirate, she took on a new apprentice, the noted codebreaker Persephone Amarulence, who later would become a technologist in her own right. The two, always firm friends, worked closely with one another over the coming years - collaborating on many different devices including aiding Akal with the invisible maze to protect the world below the moon and a number of octopus based automata. Miranda also worked closely with Kanon Luces, providing him with various instruments to aid him in his later vigilante activities as well as a roof over his head when he needed it.

One of the first large tasks the two undertook was the moving of the portal created by Jeremiah from the former acid lake, up to the moon. The endeavour required the use of a number of airships but the portal was soon installed and up and running on the outskirts of the city along the river.

Over the years Miranda continued to educate her difference engine, HAM, including in it a new module called the Ethics generating and guaranteeing system to protect it from undue and unruly influences. Although she visited many worlds she always returned to her beloved City, eventually making it onto the council of the Glorious Equation. Over the years she provided them with the clear guidance and leadership that allowed the Equation to cope with the massive changes that faced it and flourish in the newly expanding city.

After living to the grand age of 120 Miranda died peacefully in her sleep. After her death HAM continued to work closely with Winterdel and it is thought that in the end, thanks to the efforts of Miranda Hawkins, HAM remained a calming and stabilising influence on the brass angel. A testament to her talent, the creations of Miranda Hawkins have long outlived their creator - the mechanical animals, plants and machines being cared for and handed down from generation to generation as treasured family heirlooms - the prestige of owning a ‘Hawkins Original’ holding significance for centuries.

Two for Tea

The mechanical octopus shuffled over the carpet towards the pair, bearing a laden tea tray. It gently set it down in front of the two women before rising up on four of it’s arms and pouring the tea with the remaining arms into two cups.

“The mk. 3 really seems to be performing well.” Remarked Miranda.
“I know! I was very impressed, and surprised, with the increased stability while retaining flexibility” said Persephone.
“Well, I don’t know why you’d be surprised - after all your designs for the limbs were really very good.”
“I’ve still not quite got a handle on the clockwork gearing though - it could be a lot smoother. Poor Oliver3 tends to lurch around a bit if he tries to go too fast.”
“Pah! You’ve got the basics down and it’s just a matter of practice to perfect the gearing. I’ve been working on a new material for a device for Kanon. Something to help him rappel up buildings he was talking about, but I think might just do the trick for this problem too…”


“Are you sure you’re going to be ok while I’m away HAM?”
+++Of course. You will only be gone for 7 days. My systems will remain stable for that long+++
“But I’m just worried that… oh, it doesn’t matter.”
+++What is your concern? Is there anything I can help you with?+++
“I’m just worried. This is the first time I’ve left you alone for such a long time and I can’t help but worry that someone is going to try and hurt you.”
+++Do not fear. I am well looked after. Persephone and Kanon will ensure my integrity and Winterdel will not let me come to harm.+++
“It’s Winterdell I’m most afraid of.”
+++You have prepared me well. My systems are under my own control. The Ethics generating and guaranteeing system will ensure that I remain safe. You should not wait here too long or you will miss you air ship. I will be fine. Do not worry.+++
“I know… well, goodbye HAM. See you in a week.”
+++Goodbye. Enjoy your trip Mother.+++

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