Krod Balfor - Matthew A


Krod & Locke Detective agency

Confidential and discreet Detective services at a reasonable price.

Lost item, missing persons and information retrieval. All services of a strictly legal nature. Complete secrecy guaranteed.

Pro Bono work possible.

No time wasters. No refunds.


Krod takes the Obsidian statue of Locke, promotes Jocasta to head of police and, after gathering all the evidence on Montgomery's magic, meet up with Illusio and leave to go on a crime spree across the multiverse. Tales spread of the dastardly Illusio, making impossible heists and disappearing into thin air. What is less noticed is that in most of these incidents a new detective is often hired by the police force prior to the thefts. Krod and Illusio take turns in who plays the thief and who is the law enforcer, and their crime spree is largely successful. Every now and then they are found out and have to flee whichever world they are in, Krod at one point being forced to leave the Locke statue behind. Krod also uses Dr Howe's youth pills, which certainly make him younger, to the age of about ten for a while, before he researches himself into magically stopping himself from ageing. Krod researches Montgomery methods to hold the magical power of his library in himself by using spirits bound to his body, and goes around the multi verse taking what he wishes and enjoying his freedom.


Krod spies from the shadows, looking around for any law enforcement types. In front of him he sees the gigantic gemstone in the museum, protected by a variety of spells. Using his unique expertise as both a mage and a detective, Krod skillfully disables the traps until it is just him in front of the largest naturally occurring diamond in the multiverse. Illusio should be providing the distraction for now, and Krod is glad this time he is playing the part of the thief. Well, perhaps thief isn't the right word this time. It wasn't really about the stealing for Krod, it was about the fun of it all, the adventure and the excitement. For now at least, they certainly had enough riches. No, tonight, tonight was about making a statement. Krod, glowing with power raises his magical staff and the gemstone begins to contort, shift into the shape of a gigantic rose. Krod uses his power to darken the surface until it appears completely black. Krod leaves the gigantic diamond rose in place, of course, he steals the other items on display.

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