Samael Koil - Joe R

Email: koil@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com

A venturesome gentleman of unclear particulars. A bit of an enigma. But if you have, ah ha ha, prickly matters that need attending to he can be oh so very persuasive.

The Mortal Koil

San Lucinia Tribune, Plane of Tulee.

”…locals described the riots as confusing and chaotic. What had been a sleepy coastal town was a hotbed of chaos and destruction by the time the police came in, and this transformation happened in only a few days. Police report a confrontation with a man using some form of improvised flamethrower, and they claim that a consulting detective showed them evidence that this criminal was the main agitator. In a confusing development, however, the prisoner seems to have escaped from police custody. The chief of police is asking for information on the agitator (tall, male, bald), the consulting detective (tall, female, carries a large axe) and the detective's assistant (tall, male, silver).”

The Citizen's Herald, Plane of Eledathin.

“Greetings, brothers! The revolution continues with power and vigour! Glorious leader Basilium's purges have removed another group of spies from our midst, and though we are lessened in number we are purified in spirit. But there is also sad news. Last night the forces of the Evil Hegemony struck at Political Advisor Samael Koil's offices. Surviving citizens described a robotic man sprouting many weapons and a woman in heavy armour with a shield, axe and sword charging into the office, causing the Political Advisor to fight for his life. The two Forces of Control grievously wounded the Advisor, forcing him to flee to the local trans-planar nexus. Dear comrade, our thoughts go with you!”

The Forville Guardian, Plane of Aether.

“CHAOS AT THE PORTAL NEXUS. “The Eastgrove Portalarium was torn apart by fighting last night, when unidentified assailants burst through the secured portal to Eledathin. One, heavily wounded, set fire to the Portalarium, presumably in an effort to throw of his pursuers. The next assailant pushed through the flames with a black metal shield and swung at him with some kind of flying axe, and the flame-thrower was terribly hurt. At this point the third assailant constructed some sort of mechanical cage from inside himself and enveloped the wounded man in it. Before transit security forces could intervene, they grabbed the cage and ran through another portal. The public are wondering - who will pay for all this damage?”

Olegville Civic Society Newsletter, Plane of Featherwill.

“Greetings! You're all probably wondering how the rebuilding effort is going on the old chapel. Well, we had to pause all the excavations when we ran into something rather strange last week - a mechanical box, two metres to a side, entombed in the concrete. It's covered in writing: most of it is repeats of 'PRISONER - DO NOT OPEN', but occasionally 'PUZZLE SOLVED - DO NOT INVESTIGATE' is also scrawled in different writing. Our excavators have reported hearing ticking and hissing noises coming from within. Please do join us at our next town meeting for the great unveiling of this marvel - we might even try to see how it works!”

An Ancient Rhyme

Found scratched into the wall of a long-abandoned cave.

Two brothers lived in ancient times.
Two brothers fought, two parents died.

Two brothers cursed to never die.
Two brothers scattered across the sky.

Two brothers in two prisons lie.
Two brothers freed, two brothers die.

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