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Little is known about Kanon as a person as he tends to keep to himself, but he is based in a small complex in Union territory, a short ways from its borders with the Pantheon of Discord. As a member of the Honourable Company of Associates, he leads a band of rogues for hire. The Union keeps him around because he gets the job done, but he makes some members uneasy due to the way he has been known to casually treat life and death. However, he seems happy with the freedom his position in the Union has allowed him so far, and does his part if they are ever threatened.

As an odd side note, if he is ever mentioned to members of the Glorious Equation, they tend to go unusually quiet until the subject is changed.


Following the disbanding of his mercenary group, Kanon stays with Miranda and Persephone, dropping off all the interesting parts and devices he has acquired at Hawkins' Laboratories. Kanon mostly keeps to himself, but attempts to convey his gratitude in his own way. In the coming weeks he sets up a school of swordplay at the location of his old mercenary group, and teaches his eager students how to fight. Kanon is a harsh teacher, and occasionally lets his temper get the better of him, but his students learn how to cope with their master, and a few, only a few mind eventually master four scimitars Kanon style, the ultimate in Kanon's defence course.

Not content with merely teaching, Kanon also takes to the streets to dispense his own brand of justice on the criminals he finds, with the help of a series of devices provided by Miranda. While many hate him for it, seeing him take the law into his own hands, he never yields, and always continues to do what he believes is the right thing to do. Occasionally aided by the council and bizarrely CAT, god of cats, Kanon hunts down the scum in the city, dedicating his righteous destruction to Architect, whom he still worships and passes his stories on to his students. Kanon continues to train and fight, preparing for his promised battle with Raednagh.

Short Fic

The murderer runs through the back alleys as if he were pursued by all the armies of the world; no, faster even than that. Little does he know that half of the force chasing him got distracted by a flock of birds a few minutes ago, and forgot about the pursuit. No, even if he did know he would run this fast, if not faster. That man is perhaps even more terrifying when there are no other witnesses. The murderer turns a corner, only to run into the man he was dreading to see: Kanon Luces. Actually, a false description has been made. In actuality, both of the people here are murderers. Kanon grins, and says “Keep running.” He clearly hasn't had enough fun yet tonight. The first murderer sprints off while the second merely laughs to himself: it is always the most satisfying when they think they can escape. He draws his swords and continues the pursuit.

Fight with Raednagh

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