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The rest of your life

You take Howe’s formula and soon manage to fix the mistakes that his followers made when creating it and add in a degeneration part so people need to keep taking it. And put it up for sale in your emporiums. It’s an instant hit. You also send some on to Fentiman as per your agreement. Afterwards you start work on your defense mechanisms, the poison smoke grenades and the like. These go to plan, only a few of the grad students got poisoned. And soon you have your grenades and the antidote for them. These are not put on sale.

As things settle down in the city you start work on expansion, with the number of portals presently in the city travel between dimensions is not difficult and Fentiman has already moved out giving you a base to start from. You send the drugs off to Fentiman who then sells them with his wide range of contacts as you move into the universe and set up a perfectly legitimate Dr Jims emporium with the profits. You continue this very successful strategy throughout the multiverse, those not respecting your rights to all available drugs meet unfortunate ends.

As your shops expand you need to keep up with the requirement for new drugs, after all selling the same old things all the time would get very dull. In each universe you cure many of the local diseases and get to work on several other things, hunger b gone, curls b gone, blindness b gone, among the best sellers.

Once you emporiums have been set up and business is booming you take them back to your home dimension and offer those pesky tribes people wonderful jobs in drug manufacturing with amazing benefits. Slowly but surely more and more people are drawn from the tribes. After a while you decide that the space needed to grow your crops for the ingredients on would be best grown on the tribal land.

Trial of Jim Williamson

The judge looked sternly around the courtroom. The gallery was full of the press, and the jury were whispering excitedly to each other. That created the usual low-grade irritation in him, but that was nothing compared to the contempt he felt for the grinning degenerate in the dock. With a cough he cleared his throat and brought the court to order.

“We are gathered here for the trial of Dr Jim Williamson. He stands accused of possession of mind altering substances, putting addictive substances in the water supply of Dukik resulting in a massive rise in crime, destroying cultural traditions, consorting with undesirable element and known pirate john Fentiman and unacceptable testing methods. How do you plead?”

“Not Guilty!”

As expected. Still, this should be clear-cut.

“Bring out the evidence!”

A police escort came through the doors at the back of the courthouse, escorting John Fentiman in flimsy looking chains between them. As the prosecution announced “Let it be known that this witness is here uncooperatively” and started preparing their truth serum, even the judge failed to notice a small piece of metal fall into Fentiman's hands from the multicoloured bird hiding in the rafters. The prosecution were still finishing their formalities when the chains fell off Fentiman and he jumped over to Jim, reaching into one of the doctor's pockets and throwing an innocent looking ball onto the floor. As the fumes rose the police fell back, coughing. The judge ground his teeth as he saw the indistinct shapes crashing out of a window. He had failed all civilised worlds, now that the drug baron was free again.

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