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Captain Worthington is an explorer with an excellent reputation both for his work as an explorer and for his gentlemanly conduct. His fame as an explorer is helped by the airship that he captains - “Rememberance of the Past”. The ship is capable of carrying a reasonable sized expedition though it has yet to put itself to the challenge of what lies outside the city. Rumours abound also that it has some kind of powerful weapon system though nobody knows for sure. Captain Worthington did not build the airship himself though he does claim the position of chief engineer as well as Captain.

Captain Worthington often enjoys the company of the Former Adventurers. Though he will not claim membership he considers them to be “Excellent Chaps” and be “made of the right stuff”.

His expeditions often seem to be made on a whim and his choice of destination can be influenced by persuading him of the excitement that one destination can hold over another. The greater good will often trump other such considerations but it is usually assured that there will always be at least some excitement since Captain Worthington does often seem to have a knack of creating some kind of excitement wherever he goes.

New Advances in Cross-Planar Telecommunications Unveiled at Worthington Exhibition

From Factor, the Glorious Equation's flagship magazine.

“Many of us have played some small part in the collaboration between Captain Worthington and Astriam Destolt, but it is only when you sees this exhibition that you gains a full understanding of the scope of our leading lights' ambitions. The exhibition hall, surrounding the new home of Worthington's portal just north of the City, contained many different inventions from the two pioneers; Astriam has made great strides increasing the complexity of the A-net, but it is Jeremiah's efforts that I find most interesting.

“Let me start with his most basic innovation; a planar harmonics modulator attachment for Astriam's A-Communicators to enable communication between different worlds. Currently the attachment is the size of a hatbox, somewhat limiting its portability, but all could see the difference this could make to multiversal culture. The second invention was more of a refinement of his existing portal, enabling it to be opened onto any of our nearby planes easily. Large backup generators were on hand to provide the additional power needed to travel further, but Worthington hopes that miniaturisation and efficiency increases will remove the need for them. Finally, Worthington revealed his final device. Worried murmurs spread through the crowd as he stepped through the portal and had his engineers shift it to another world, removing him from view. After a few minutes, however, the portal machinery started whirring all by itself and it shifted to show Captain Worthington again. He stepped back out and announced that with his new beacon, explorers anywhere in the multiverse could easily and instantly find their way home. As the crowd cheered, he climbed aboard his airship and flew off through the portal. We wish him godspeed in all his endeavours.”

The Search

Extract from the log of Tiberius Kirlian, Gentleman Explorer on the hunt for the Fountain of Youth

Day 97

Moved through a naturally-occurring portal to a new realm today. Old Waltherson in the baggage train is getting rather frail - we had to split his load between two of the other porters when his leg was taken by that beast. I'm beginning to think saving costs by staffing this expedition with volunteers hungry for new youth may not have been the best plans. Still, the signs are here as clear as ever - the blue crystals were subtly placed near the portal's exit, and pointed towards the dawn.

Day 1992

Have finally emerged from the jungle. Thought I'd never be so glad to see civilisation. Munroe and Fleetworth only survivors, and in an awful standard of grooming. Thankfully this small town has a inn with hot water, mirrors, and an old model 5J-12 A-communicator. After a shave and a bath I was looking presentable again, and set about trying to contact mother to confirm I was alive and transfer funds. The communicator was on the blink, but an old man, one of the other tenants, was a dab hand and set it right as rain. We had a good little chat about my expedition over a fine brandy, and although I made sure I didn't let slip the goal of my expedition it turns out he was quite the explorer in his youth and gave me a few good pointers.

Day 30421

Had to replace my leg today. The dimensional flux must have shifted one of the servos, and the whole thing froze up just as the natives were pulling out their knives. No lasting damage but youth seems more necessary than ever. Jolly lucky chance that I found this cache of spare parts and blueprints in the back of a cave - it was just the ticket. No sign of the author, except for a 'JW' in the bottom right corner. Ever onwards!

Day 78236

Munroe's pulling the cart along the mountain road. Bumpy ride, but it's not like I can get out and walk. She almost let the cart slip when the rains came, but thankfully a helpful stranger lent a hand. He looked familiar somehow, like a son of someone I used to know. I can hear them talking now. He says it's true - the fountain's on the top of this mountain! Lead on, Munroe!

Day ????

Let this be a record to all who wish to seek out the fountain. Youth is here, indeed, but also responsibility. The last person to drink of the fountain gains eternal vigour (although unfortunately the winkles remain), but gains a strong urge to keep it secret and keep it from the unworthy. I am currently watching over five different expeditions, and I must take whatever small steps I can to speed their discoveries along. The old man left with Munroe, but he gave me one of his communicators and we keep in touch. I hope Kirlian's reign as guardian is shorter than Worthington's…

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