Gaius, Minister of the Purpose - Benedict P

The Agricultural Revolution

A poster pinned up across the City:

Tired of worshipping at the foot of a god for food?
Find independence in life!
If you would like to know more, please contact your local Church of the Purpose!

Funded by generous loans from the Council, the Church of the Purpose quickly expanded their farms and provided others tuition in large-scale, effective farming. Within months, most of the moon was covered in farms, making the City self-sufficient for the first time in centuries.

The Call of the Purpose

Foreword to “The Last Days at the End of the Line”

“The City was a wound in the side of the Universe. It was a broken world, and the Purpose cried out for aid to everyone who would hear. I came to the City to rally the faithful and gather those blessed by the Purpose with magic, and together we performed the Great Act and healed the Universe of this blight. But this book is not about the story of the Purpose.

“This is the story of the great and the humble. The mighty who decided the fate of the City at the Riette Conventions, and the laymen who suffered the consequences. Destruction and devastation threatened our fragile alliance at every turn, but through the work of many we brought the City bounty, hope and ultimately freedom forever after.”

The book is packed testimonies, eyewitness accounts and essays on the climactic year leading up to the City's Liberation, containing insightful viewpoints from every section of the City. Published by Gaius after his retirement from the University, the book has remained a respected and awe-inspiring work across the cosmos.

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