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Some men just want to watch the world burn. Others care so little for the world that they wouldn't notice if it burned down around them. Then there's the third type. These are the ones who burn so brightly that they can't help but scorch the world a little with their passing.

A rising power amongst the Pantheon of Discord the being that calls itself Firstborn claims that it carries within itself the spark that ignited the birth of a universe. It walks with tattered wings amongst the masses of the city, and works to awaken them to the power of their Will Unfettered. Its manifest glory has served to bring a fierce cult into being around it.

Rumours abound that it was banished to this world for raising an host against its creator; and those who are given to note such things do not fail to miss the fact that it wields a flaming sword


The Saga of the First Born, Scroll XII

And thus did the First Born return to the world,
Borne upon wings of fury, sword glowing afire,
Loyal ally at his side while
the false Demiurge stood alone,
For in his time of trial the First Born
had learnt of the strength in mortal hearts
where the false one still kept aloof.

With flaming blade the Demiurge was
Struck at last from the sky,
And in the wake of his fall
Was the empire he served cast also aside.
And the First Born stood
As ruler of a world much changed.

For no more would they created stand aloof,
And the gates of the realm
Were cast open unto all,
Safe that they came seeking
To enlighten and be in turn
Enlightened, for the First Born
Saw that much would thus be gained.

Guardian of Liberty

As agreed, the Empire retreated from Firstborn's world, and sure in the knowledge that he would ever be ready to guard its borders where the Demiurge had capitulated, were never so foolish as to try and recapture it. Much work had been done by the Empire to shape parts of the strange, celestial world into a shape where their forces could dwell as conquerors, and Firstborn did not tear these down, rather re-purposing and, with the help of Malthus, who ruled alongside him, enhancing them. Mortal allies had helped their return, and his time in the city had shown Firstborn that there was much he could teach the humans of the multiverse, that sometimes people needed to be shaken awake and shown that they could govern their own lives. Much of his church, including his foremost worshipper Liss, the Annointed Defender, came to join him in his home world, and they set to educating the many pilgrims in the ways that Firstborn had used to make his followers strong. Many and more who came returned to their own worlds and set to striking down those whose oppression had never truly been apparent before their eyes were opened, and tyrants across the multiverse sat that much more precariously upon their thrones.

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