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After The War

With the Unitary Council of the Empire aware of how much they lacked after the war it wasn't hard for those already in trusted positions with a previously well demonstrated ability to seize the moment and gain power rapidly. The Position Dr Matthias reached on the Unitary Council was instrumental in the rapid formation of certain agreements between the City and the Empire, agreements later shown to be heavily in his personal favour. As well as a breadth of magical knowledge, he also brought utterly loyal and well informed agents to the negotiating table in his bid for power.

The Second Age Of The Empire

Extract from a Brief History Of The Triumverate Empire

The SFirst Era of the Empire ended when they first hit serious resistance to their expansion, around 230 years after founding. A change in approach after the loss of Archmage Belthagor and the rise of Archmage van Telemann, together with the remaining two founders; Grand Marshal Veronika Tarasov and Master Kalakatapei led to a slower but still impressive rate of expansion away from the City.

The establishment of permanent portals in every dimension - rumoured to be the work of other mages from the City as well as the Archmage's work - ushered in the begining of the Second Era, one of development, trade and explorartion, backed up with a significant force when necessary.

This Author holds that any rumors regarding the turncoat nature of Archmage van Telemann, that he was a double agent for the city are vehemently denied. This work will demonstrate that the actions of the Archmage were for the good of the Empire and not to protect a world of violent criminals.

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