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Miss Beatrice Lloyd is the founder and proprietor of the chain of upmarket tea houses known as the 'Pyramids of Delight' and is connected in some way to the cult of Exubera, goddess of bounty and plenty. Her opinions are known to hold some weight among the guilds who form the Renaissant.

Hesi is one of People who used to walk this world free, reborn through science and magic into a new body. Seeking a place in this new world, she looks for guidance from the gods and her people's shamans.


After The War

In the days following the final Riette convention Hesi dedicated herself to protecting the Timuki. First in aiding in the construction of the great maze and then wherever and extra pair of hands was needed. Hesi also contributes to the settlement of the Timuki by ensuring that the farming tools and implements provided by Winterdell for them were delivered safely.

Later, when Lao Jin travels, Hesi is one of those to travel with him, always willing to explore. She is, after Aki, one of the strongest voices of reason and she always returns to the planet under the City to tell the Timuki fabulous tales of the worlds she has seen.

The Birth Of A Goddess

I had not believed that such a thing was possible. That a mortal such as you or I could ascend to Godhood as she has done. Although if any could have it would be the goddess of Getting Things Done that would manage it for sure. You missed it? Well I'll tell you what I can.
Howe - he's always been fond of Hesi you know - worked out how to achieve it in the end. You see you take an aspect, and you get people to worship it, and if it goes on too long you end up with a new god. But there's this sweet spot see, where you can then step into the space left by all the worship and become that god. S'really clever right?
I wish she hadn't needed to sacrifice herself, but then again, who ever heard of a god in a mortal body…

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