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Did you ever wonder where it all came from? Who put the heavenly spheres in their places? Who fixed the celestial bodies in the firmament? Who built the vault of the earth, and raised the spires of the mountains?

The rumours say that Firstborn was not the only being from its world to arrive in the City. Along with it came a power calling itself Architect, who claims that it was responsible for aligning the heavens and creating space and time itself.

Whatever the truth, Architect has gathered many of the City's best and brightest inventors, builders, artists and scientists, whose work it patronises and asks in return only that they strive to create still greater works as an act of worship.


The Saga of Malthus - Scroll XVI

He returned to his world
As the fires of Entropy,
He who had been creation and
Destruction both, bearing aloft
Luces the Annointed Destroyer,
Yet in the wake of triumph,
When the Empire has been cast forth,
He was for a time the creator
Architect once again.

Much and more there was
That must be built, and for this
The Architect was needed,
And the spheres did and
Do prosper and grow beneath his gaze
Yet a time will come again
When what has been created must end and
Be destroyed that it can be renewed
And the fires of Entropy
Will burn once more.

Created Anew

In the wake of the Demiurge's fall, there was much that needed to be done, and the waves of adulation flowing in upon Malthus brought him once more into his aspect as The Architect, reshaping the world to once greater befitting the vision he and Firstborn wished to rule. Great temples arose at his direction, to which pilgrims could flock from across the multiverse, seeking enlightenment from beings that stood as exemplars of their discipline, Malthus's own temple visited by thee greatest craftsmen in the universe, seeking boons to complete their greatest works. Malthus was also responsible for committing the story of his and his allies to great sagas, that others could better understand what they had been through, and what had brought them to re-shape their world as they did, and that the comrades who had fought beside them could be better honoured.

For those visiting the celestial spheres, what lies before them must surely seem eternal, immortal and unchanging. Nothing, however, lasts forever, and though for now, Malthus creates as Architect, those who truly understand him understand that one day, the time will come that what has been created must fall, and Entropy will rise once more.

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