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A shaman from some prehistoric pit of a dimension, Akal has been employed by the Canopy Hospital for a couple of centuries working as Spirit Guide or a Risk Mitigation Consultant, depending if you go by his description or the one embossed on his office door.

If you prefer to pay half your fees in ox bones and pretty rocks, and you don't mind working with someone who sniffs you as a social greeting then Akal is your man!


The rest of your life

You settle on the planet with all your people, then get to work on blocking acess to the planet to all who would meddle, in short everyone. Working with Miranda you manage to create a maze above the planet that means that anyone trying to penetrate it will end up back where they started unless they know the exact path through it.

Finding another pregnant little person, and taking the required drugs you search the afterlife for those who died when Jovic’s mansion was attacked, it is much emptier now, in fact only those who have died within the past week are there, the rest having moved on but you manage to grab the lord Montgomery’s sprit among the orange ducks and purple caterpillars and put them back into the soon to be born’s body. As soon as he has been born you take the child and give him to Roland Jovic who looks confused, you think he was expecting an adult but takes him anyway.

As the days and weeks turn into days and years you work on recreating the timuki, selectively breeding the first few people whom you resurrected eventually pure timuki babies are born 15 generations down the line. You also educate your little people and the ALIEN timuki on the cultures and traditions of old. Soon there are massive celebrations once a year worshiping great Sawa, CAT and the bird god and the rest of the pantheon.

As the populations of timuki expand so does the amount of land they cover spread, they move out from the base of the statue and the settlement outside where the city used to be hunting the game that has repopulated itself since the doors to the biodome in the forest was sprung open and gathering the plants and herbs that grow. Once a year there is a huge gathering of the tribes where they share stories and advancements they have made, one year gaining some basic tools from the world above but slowly settling into their life.

The myths of Kala

There have always been tales of people who destroyed worlds, but for Kala only one tale mattered, the one that led to the destruction of her beloved home plain. It is said that it was destroyed by a race whose home plain had been destroyed in turn. It has been said that this race was peaceful, but one day destroyed itself from within and now there is nothing left apart from an empty shell of a world.

To get to the bottom of the tale Kala set forth through the mulltiverse, driven to find out what happened, driven to get answers and driven to get revenge for her people. She travelled for many years never once driven from her goal. No hardship, no homesickness and no pain could drive her from her goal.

Eventually she found it found the world of those who destroyed her race barren and broken, torn apart from the civil war that raged. Nothing is left apart from a few scatterd writtings and devices buried in the moss covered rubble.

It's too late, we are destroyed. This cannot happen again. He must be stopped. We will follow. We will stop him. Whatever it takes. We will stop him.

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