Agent Christopher Reynolds - Eternity - Jonathan H


An agent of the TLA (Transnational Law Authority) who was investigating a sinister conspiracy whereby some shady conspiracy was puppeting the government while preparing to sell out his world to inter-dimensional invaders. He was trying to stop them, but following one of the suspicious figures through a portal he ended up here.


Heist of the Century

“Law enforcement in the city profess themselves baffled in the aftermath of the highest profile pair of robberies the city has ever seen. Last night, at around 3AM, a building since confirmed to be a bank vault operated by the City bank suddenly teleported over 200 metres, landing on an apparently pre-prepared barge on the river, attached to a boat which took off at high speeds north and east. Simultaneously, across the city, another boat pulled away from the floating market, tearing what the central vault out of the Jade Tiger, heading north and west. Law enforcement airships followed in hot pursuit, but were forced to pull up as both boats entered the resurgent patch of darkness in the north of the city. Communications along the a-net allowed coordinated traps to be laid for both boats, and each was anchored and boarded as they emerged. Upon investigation, however, neither boat was found to have any crew aboard, and the vaults upon the trailing barges were found to contain hundreds upon thousands of black roses. Police chief Krod Balfour has been unavailable for comment.”


In the wake of her largest, most daring crime yet, master-criminal Illusio felt that she had conquered all the larcenous challenges the city had to offer, and headed off into the multiverse to find greater criminal heights to climb. In time, she was joined by her former adversary Krod Balfour, now friend, combining their considerable talents to carry out crimes and cons on every imaginable scale. Their favourite eventually became a two-person operation - one taking the role of notorious master criminal Illusio, the other the dogged detective out to track her down, giving them a window in which to carry out absurdly audacious thefts relatively unopposed, since there was always a detective “on the case” already. Usually, the two could make their escape while the locals remained none the wiser.

Tens of years have past, and there are now few places in the multiverse where the rich do not fear the chance, however small, that one day they will find a black rose in place of their priceless treasures.

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