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======The Fettered District====== ======The Fettered District======
-There is a place in the City where every building is lashed securely down. Where chains of iron and gold, spidersilk and silver, wrap round every structure and drive deep into the ground. There's no life here; people who tried living here didn't stay long, and even the Redcaps shy away. Rumours coming out of the Fettered District say all kinds of things; that the buildings creak like they're straining against the bindings. That the chains are growing, day by day, and claiming more land as part of the district. That if you stay there too long, the chains start growing towards you too. That sometimes, there's a colossal snap and some imprisoned architecture slips its bindings, sailing out into the wider city. One thing is certain; mages find their power out of reach in this district, and the miracles of the divine have no sway.+There is a region of the city where every building is tethered to the ground by large chains of every kind - iron, steel, gold, silver, and spiderwebs. The chains are anchored firmly into the ground around the buildings, but the binding is imperfect; occasionally, one structure will slip its tethers and sail off into the city. This region of the City hasn't always been like this; the chains apparently started growing there 20 or so years ago. This region of the City is distinct in being one of the few the Redcaps haven't colonized; something in it makes them unwilling to linger.
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