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Email: [[mr_vansett@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]] Email: [[mr_vansett@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
-{{tag>pc_bio}}+=====New Horizons===== 
 +//A portal opens from the City into a pristine, virgin land. Two pairs of immaculate boots step through onto the grass.// 
 +"Breathe in that fresh air. Don't you agree it tastes like new opportunities, Mr. McCain?" 
 +"Quite so, Mr. VanSett. I think we made the most of our situation back in that hive of scum and misery, but new opportunities are exactly what's in order." 
 +"Look over there, Mr. McCain. Does that look like a small village to you?" 
 +"I would classify it as a hamlet, Mr. VanSett. Shall we see if they want //protection//?" 
 +"A lucrative course of action, I'm sure. Let's go and introduce ourselves." 
 +The two figures stride off, whistling happily. 
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