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 +As part of the game, you can send in-character emails to the other players via the addresses on their individual [[bio|biographies]]. These emails will be sent through our wiki software and formatted so that they appear sent by your character to their character, and the GMs will receive a copy of the message. If you belong to one of the game's factions, you will also be able to communicate with the others in that faction by sending a message to the appropriate address from those below:
 +  * The Union: [[union@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Pantheon of Discord: [[pantheon@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Contrite: [[contrite@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Renaissant: [[renaissant@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Glorious Equation: [[glorious_equation@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Redcaps: [[redcaps@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Escapologists: [[escapologists@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * Former Adventurers: [[adventurers@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Inheritors: [[inheritors@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +  * The Floating Market and the Waterways: [[waterways@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]]
 +If you have taken the Mass Media advantage, you can send two messages to the rest of the playerbase between every session. To do this, simply send the message to us at [[gm@endoftheline.chaosdeathfish.com]] and we'll send it on to the rest of the players.
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