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Let me tell you of true power. True power is not gained by right of birth, as the so-called Divine would have you believe. The Mages may tell you that it is found by poring over dusty old tomes, seeking for long forgotten nonsense and half-truths. Nor is it gained simply by repetition, the dull practice of those who claim to be Talented. No, true power is of the mind, of ingenuity and innovation, of strength of will and purest vision. It is I who has the spark of genius, I who create my own power, the power of technology. By my own hand I will recreate this city into something fit for a person of my intellect. And when the dust settles we will see what remains of those fools who claimed to have found “true power”.

- Marcos Aldren of the Glorious Equation

* * *

The Device is complete, as per your specifications. Yes, of course it will work. I designed it, didn't I? I am sure that even a person of your mental capacity should be able to use it. Well then off you go, on your mission. I am sure the results will be quite…dramatic.


What makes a technologist?

Whatever you may look like, it's what your mind is like that counts. Your mind is unique - it sees the world in strange and unusual ways and it is this unique perspective that lets you create the most amazing devices. No one knows what makes someone able to build such machines, what it is that makes them different to everyone else, but whatever it is, what others dream about, you can make real.

How does it work?

Those utilising the power of Technology are unique amongst their fellows as they possess no actual physical power. What they have instead is a mental strength, the ability to understand and interpret the science of Technology to an almost supernatural degree. This spark of insight lets them to easily master the art of construction and allows them to build and repair devices far more complicated than those used by the mundane masses. These devices are examples of Inspired Technology. While Inspired Technological Devices can be built so that normal people can understand how to use them, the ability to construct such Machines cannot be taught, either you have the capability or you do not. By default these devices are too complex for one who does not understand the power of Technology to use, however, Technology users can decide to build a device in such a way that a common person can use it and thus create items for their allies. This lending of power should not be done lightly, as in the restless hive that is the City trusted friends can become dangerous foes within the course of a day.

Gathering components is perhaps the hardest part of making a device - or at least the most time consuming. When you wish to construct something, email the GM's we'll tell you what components are required to create such a device. Gathering them will usually take one or more actions depending on the scale and complexity of the device. Once you've gathered your components it takes a single action by you to put it together. Thus for a basic device you would need two actions - one to gather the components and one to construct it.

Inspired Technology is governed by four fundamental Principles which cannot be broken. They are as follows:

Technology is indeed a potent power, however is always important to remember the limits of what can be achieved. The most important thing to remember is Technology is not magical or miraculous, and it is bound completely by the Principles. A few examples of what can and cannot be achieved are below.

Technology can:

Technology cannot:

An obvious drawback of Inspired Technology comes directly from the Principle of Power, all your devices must have a power source. If your enemies are cunning enough to find and sabotage one of your power sources then your devices relying on it will be weakened, perhaps even inoperable until you can fix the damage or find another way of energising your devices. To become a true master of Inspired Technology you must strive to create more powerful devices. You can do this by amassing better tools or components to use in your constructions, or by finding more powerful energy sources to utilise.

With one action… Critical Weakened Normal Empowered Ascendant
The power of EInspired Technology You can build a small personal device, something that influences you or a single individual. A personal pair of mechanical wings or a mechanically enhanced limb You can build something that effects a group of people at once. Your devices are large and can effect dozens of people at once if that's what you wanted. You could build walking robot the size of a house. Your devices can influence whole city blocks or hundreds of people. You could build a device that effects and entire district of the city. You could tear down and rebuild an entire district with a swarm of thousands of smaller mechanical servants.
Roughly what size device can I make? Something personal and fairly simple for an individual.Something about the size of a horse and cart of relatively complexity A device the size of a Large building of incredible complexity. A device (or number of devices that work together) that are the size of several buildings (assuming you can find the space and materials) of surpassing complexity A device of such scale and complexity that even other technologists will have trouble figuring it out.