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Sample Characters

Delores LeFarge - Goddess of Silk

Power Source: Divinity



Niche: Boutique owner and advocate for social change. Delores runs the foremost fashion shop in the City. With her creative flair (being able to create silk) she brought a breath of fresh air to The City when she first arrived and swiftly became popular amongst the Renaissant. What she saw in the city however disgusted her - people in trouble, in need and no one wanting to help despite how much they had themselves. She is determined to change the way the city works at a fundamental level. She believes that change can happen and that just because people are stuck here doesn't mean it has to be a bad place. She has a philanthropic streak and finds it hard to say no when someone asks her for help.

Defence Style: Delores always flees if she can rather than fights. As a self styled Goddess of silk she summons huge sheets of fabric to obscure herself from view while attempting to wrap her attackers in silk to delay them long enough for her to make her escape.

Businessman Barne Therly

Power Source:




Niche: River trader.

Defense: Barne favours the advanced tactic known as “cheesing it”. Occasionally this will be aided by such methods as throwing money/goods/underlings in the general direction of the aggressor while sprinting away.


Power source: Talent



Niche: Working for her demanding dark master, Archer has managed to draw a web of spies and followers to her under the guise of bringing them into the cult of her master. Soon she will attempt to take the reins herself.

V'lacta Kr'utx

Many coming to the city find avenues of opportunity opened up to them that they never would have encountered had they remained in their own world. V'lacta is one of these. Born to the Technocracy of J'hun (an underwater city inhabited by the Kezz'l, sentient octopodes), it grew up in the college of the fine arts, a highly regimented school of artifice, which underpinned the Kezz'l's dominance of their world, learning artifice. However, it was always a bit of an outlier in the otherwise conformist society. For a start, it had a curiosity about life above the waves, something highly discouraged by the Technocracy. To aid in this, it constructed itself a rig allowing it to breath above the water. Unfortunately, it did not hide this well enough, and was found out. Fleeing from the justice of the college authorities, it took a wrong turn, and was cornered in a room full of active apparatus. As the proctors closed in, it dived into the whirring machinery, carrying the rig with it, intending to try and lose its pursers. At that precise moment, something happened to the apparatus in the room, and Kezz'l found itself waking up in a strange, unfamiliar place. It was wearing its rig, which had come active, and looking around, found that it was on its coveted land. Just not the right land.

In a wondrous haze, it meandered through the city. The people were strange and unusual, and something didn't seem quite right about the way they were talking as it passed. As he entered a district owned by the renaissant, it finally had a revelation - the people around it were having fun. It went about finding a way that it could also partake of this strange new emotion.

It found one. Its skill with artifice was surpassing, having been educated since birth, and it quickly found emply constructing simple animatronic automata for use in theatrical performances. Success led to success, and combined with its merciless drive to get the most out of this new life, it soon found itself in charge of a collective producing technological props for the Renaissant at large.

Power source: Tech



Niche: The production of technological props for the various theatres and other performance companies in the city.

Jacob de Lane, Hard-Boiled Sorcerer on a Mission

Jacob was a high-ranking detective in the police force of Silenia, a great and bustling metropolis at the nexus of several worlds. When a mad god of blades left a swath of destruction through Silenia before making their escape to the End of the Line, Jacob's superiors gave up on bringing the culprit to justice, unwilling to lose resources on a one-way trip. Over the course of the chase, the case had got personal for Jacob, however, and he refused to let it go. Raiding the force's arsenal of tomes and artifacts Jacob went rogue, punching a hole through the fabric of reality straight to the City. Now, he walks the city streets with no allies or gangs to his name, pursuing his quarry with a single-minded determination.

Power Source: Magic






Niche: When he needs to make ends meet Jacob acts as an enforcer and bounty hunter, tracking down individuals who have angered the higher-ups and bringing them in. It hasn't made him any friends, but he's garnering an impressive reputation.

Defense: Jacob always has some protective spells ready, blasting away assailants with a burst of wind and parting walls to allow his escape.

Lucetor Carnac, The Scientist

Lucetor Carnac Came from a world where everyone had impressive tech so no-one actually knew what anyone else looked like, being covered in a mechanical suit whenever they came out in public. He still wears his suit which was given to every child at birth, so no one finds out exactly what they are, though he is knows he at least is green with iridescent scales running down his tail. He was nothing special back in his home town but now he can be the best. his aim is to build the most effective killing machine possible and finally get the praise he knows he deserves.

Power source – Technology

With violence



+Secret base
he base is so secret no-one knows where it is, it most defiantly isn’t below the hero pits and perfectly impenetrable for any who may come across it
+Spurious discourse
he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to tech and he knows it, as well as everyone else
+Emergency temporal shift
if ever he is attacked and in serious danger, something, he’s not sure what picks him up and teleports him home, he just hasn’t worked out how to get it to take the suit as well yet…
from time to time he hears things often these end up being the crucial information he needs to finish his latest project, but sometimes they are just strange and need further study.
he is absolutely positive that he is the best at making the weapons in this city, so sure in fact that he has promised to fight anyone who feels that they have better weapons than him, just to prove them wrong.
-Killing hundreds
one thing can be said about his inventions is that they are destructive, very destructive.
-Surrounded by imbeciles
no one seems to do anything right, he asks for the blue micro tubeulator and gets the red spriafactor

Niche – makes interesting weapons for testing in the hero pits. Acid gun, interesting effects, but messier than the fire blaster.

Defence style- when he is threatened he uses the guns on his mechanical suit to fire at the enemy often causing the surrounding walls to crumble as the ammo hits them. In the ensuing dust cover he fires his flame throwers directly downwards and flees to his secret base with the cry I’ll get you next time!